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Synonyms for five-petaled

(of flowers) having five petals

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The mutation was two five-petaled rows instead of the original single row.
The flowers supposedly turn purple when boiled, and the best way to distinguish them from other five-petaled yellow flowers which bloom at that same time is to look at their leaves--many St.
It has a white five-petaled flower with fine pink lines in the petals.
Blooms until frost, producing five-petaled flowers.
The five-petaled whitish flowers grow in small clusters, appearing in early or mid summer.
VARIETIES: There are more than 400 types of primroses, some noted for masses of small flowers, others for taller stems and trumpet-shaped blooms, but the varieties most often found at local nurseries this month are the early flowering primula acaulis - or English primrose - noted for its charming (somewhat like a pansy) flat, five-petaled flowers in brilliant colors with large crinkled leaves sold in small six-packs or quart-size containers.
Hummingbirds, beetles, flies, bees, butterflies, and even bats visit the five-petaled flowers in this plant family, which contains about 300 species.
They are perennial wildflowers that reach one to two feet in height and have one-inch-wide, five-petaled flowers in shades of pink and purple.
Small five-petaled white or lavender flowers resemble stars.
The Valley is supposedly too cold for this plant with the large, intensely fragrant, five-petaled white flowers; yet clearly, under the right conditions, it will thrive here.
Tiny white or greenish flowers, five-petaled and growing in clusters, are borne on a long, sticky-hairy stalk which emerges from a rosette of toothed, oval leaves at the base of the stalk.
Its flowers open from purple tubes into five-petaled salverform stars.
The five-petaled flowers, about an inch wide, form soft drifts of color--in shades of pink, blue, violet, or white--that integrate easily with other garden bloomers.