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of a chemical compound having a ring with five members


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PMI is a monomer with a structure of the 1,2-ethylenic type and a five-membered planar ring, which completely hinders the rotation of the imide residues around the backbone chain of the macromolecule.
The polymer-architecture, having the five-membered cyclic units embedded in the backbone, has been recognized as the eighth major structural type of synthetic polymers.
Trost of the University of Wisconsin in Madison has discovered a reaction that mimics the Diels-Alder reaction but creates five-membered rings instead of six-membered rings.
However, for APE 17, the carbon "b" appeared as two signals in a respective ratio of 80:20, attributed to the symmetrical major cis (b,b) and unsymmetrical minor trans (b,b') disposed substituents in the five-membered ring structure (Fig.
This shape allows one to build the largest dome without internal support because of the arrangement of six-membered and five-membered rings," indicates Rabideau.
Bolton), and on fused ring polycyclic aromatic compounds containing (a) one or more five-membered rings and (b) four or more six-membered fused carbocyclic ring systems (H.
The mutagenic effects of PAHs have been demonstrated in mammals and in Ames tests, and are greatest in fractions containing four- and five-membered rings.
The synthesis of pagodane starts with the insecticide isodrin, a compound with 12 carbon atoms already arranged in four five-membered rings.
These include, among others, mixed five-membered aromatic rings that consist of three silicon and two carbon atoms each and that are of interest for applications in future lighting materials.
Interesting candidates include derivatives of tetrazoles, five-membered rings made of four nitrogen and one carbon atom, as well as tetrazines, six-membered rings made of four nitrogen and two carbon atoms.
The topics examined include colorimetric tests for solid-phase organic synthesis, diversity-oriented synthesis, microwave-assisted solid-phase synthesis of heterocycles, generating drug-like five-membered heterocyclic libraries using carbon disulfide and Merrifield resin, and dendritic molecules on solid support
Oxazolines are five-membered cyclic compounds with an endo-imino ether group.
The polymer architecture, having the five-membered cyclic units embedded in the backbone, has been recognized as the eighth major structural type of synthetic polymers (8), (9).
Using this new strategy, a wide range of representative and valuable chiral four-membered (hetero)cyclic and five-membered (hetero)cyclic organic molecules will be synthesized.