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any of a numerous plants grown for their five-petaled flowers

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Some pieces are four pages in length, including the opener, "Awesomeness," which extends beyond the five-finger pattern and includes a syncopated melodic line.
The five-finger gesture takes you to the home screen.
It is available in a five-finger configuration with three different finger types, depending on the application.
A proprietary compatibilizer used with the talc reinforcement is key to the material's excellent scratch resistance of 15N with no stress whitening, according to the Ford five-finger scratch test.
On West 145th Street in New York, people say hello by using the 1-4-5, a three-part greeting that consists of a finger to the nose, four fingers placed on the chest above the heart, then a light five-finger slap.
It's as if, in updating Arthur Schnitzler's ``La Ronde'' to a present-day metropolis, Hare - a literate and very smart playwright - has dashed off a dramatic five-finger exercise.
Nestle will launch the first white chocolate Kit Kat in the UK early next year and will also add a five-finger newcomer to the growing range.
Makers Nestle Rowntree will launch the first five-finger Kit Kat as a limited edition next month.
But, most of the five-finger discounters work alone, and, often are not career criminals.
A typical five-finger order will do to your arteries about what a Big Mac plus a McDonald's Hot Fudge Sundae will.
The canyon walls rise 50 feet and are thickly carpeted with delicate five-finger ferns.
Geared toward elementary and late-elementary students, Books 1 and 2 introduce such skills as five-finger multi-key/modal patterns that go beyond the middle-C approach, alternating hand patterns and meter changes.
Yale scientists have completed a genomic analysis of birds that reveals the answer, and it is a big "yes" - even though the first bird digit develops where the index finger on a five-finger vertebrae should be.
Look at the scenes at the end of the Michael Jackson trial, where Wacko used his first public appearance since Liverpool won their fifth European Cup to taunt Manchester United fans, Robbie Fowler-style, with a five-finger salute.
Emerging from the green boskiness of Hyde Park, these compact, temporary structures have the charm and intrigue of avant-garde follies and give superstar designers a chance to indulge in a little light five-finger exercise.