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any of a numerous plants grown for their five-petaled flowers

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Examples include repeating the lesson switching hands, going outside a five-finger or one-octave position, and using different keys and time signatures.
The five-finger gesture takes you to the home screen.
The grapple is available in a five-finger configuration and offers three different finger types, depending on the application.
A proprietary compatibilizer used with the talc reinforcement is key to the material's excellent scratch resistance of 15N with no stress whitening, according to the Ford five-finger scratch test.
On West 145th Street in New York, people say hello by using the 1-4-5, a three-part greeting that consists of a finger to the nose, four fingers placed on the chest above the heart, then a light five-finger slap.
Andrew Zawacki's ear for the percussive music of consonants and vowels is so keen that on a casual reading, one might mistake these poems for five-finger exercises in soundplay.
It's as if, in updating Arthur Schnitzler's ``La Ronde'' to a present-day metropolis, Hare - a literate and very smart playwright - has dashed off a dramatic five-finger exercise.
Each unit finger HBT model has the same Gummel-Poon parameters, and the thermal resistance matrix of a five-finger HBT was extracted and used as the Z-parameters of the thermal network.
Nestle will launch the first white chocolate Kit Kat in the UK early next year and will also add a five-finger newcomer to the growing range.
Makers Nestle Rowntree will launch the first five-finger Kit Kat as a limited edition next month.
But, most of the five-finger discounters work alone, and, often are not career criminals.
A typical five-finger order will do to your arteries about what a Big Mac plus a McDonald's Hot Fudge Sundae will.
Shaffer's first play, Five-Finger Exercise (1960), was a tautly constructed domestic drama that almost overnight established his reputation as a playwright.
The canyon walls rise 50 feet and are thickly carpeted with delicate five-finger ferns.
The composer uses alberti bass, five-finger patterns, scales, triplets and arpeggios with ample fingering suggestions.