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At least six times a month I walked up to an outstanding employee or one that was obviously trying, handed them a five dollar bill, thanked them for doing a great job and invited them to have lunch on me (a modest move that was surprisingly effective; word got around and everyone wanted to be seen as "special" in this way).
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Red Roof[R] guests will be high-fiving Thanksgiving week when they pocket a five dollar bill for making a dollar donation to charity.
He has been singing about his country upbringing for more than a decade on critically acclaimed albums such as the gold-selling Five Dollar Bill (2002) and Hair In My Eyes Like A Highland Steer (2005).
Most had identification packets in their shirts and each victim had a five dollar bill and quarters in their pockets.
Consider the visual motivation of saving a five dollar bill in a large jar every day.
The one dollar bill's George Washington was the best known with 86 percent, up slightly from last year, while Abraham Lincoln was correctly identified by little over half of the respondents as being on the five dollar bill.
Change machines must be able to accept old and new currency of one and five dollar bills.
So he was following a family tradition when he went into a St Louis pole dancing joint one night, the sort of place where patrons slip five dollar bills in the pants of the dancers - and lost three hours.
In these images Lincoln, who appears on five dollar bills in The States, seems to be wearing a baseball cap and a mummy costume.
00 in five dollar bills, which will be donated to the Lehigh Valley Food Bank.
The ribbon will be made of five dollar bills worth a total of $200.
The ribbon will consist of $500 in five dollar bills and will be donated to the Mt.