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the quality of being suitable

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However, qualitative research concerns itself with fittingness rather than generalizability--that is, the extent to which the findings of the study apply to contexts familiar to the reader.
But that fittingness relation is meant to be generic, and different FA accounts will differ in precisely how they characterize what fittingness amounts to.
As a poet he understood that form must match content and he discerned the peculiar poetic fittingness of the homecoming metaphor to Newman's understanding of the act of faith.
Scientific rigor was achieved through credibility, audibility, and fittingness (LoBiondo-Wood & Haber, 2005).
In addition, celebrity endorsement should be examined from the potential tourists' point of view to assist in understanding the suitability of the method as well as factors that affect the fittingness of celebrity spokespersons.
These passages can be read as endorsements of the thesis that there is a fittingness relationship between certain actions that have been visited upon a person and certain emotional responses to such actions.
Credibility, or fittingness, was determined through review by the research team and expert reviewers and with knowledge of the professional literature (25).
The ideological questions tap (1) the perceived importance of various goals of the social work profession and (2) the perceived fittingness of various social work activities.
The deeper argument for Desert-Adjusted Welfarism rests on its connection to fittingness theory.
The fittingness implied by the shared lexical identity of the lover, the loving, and the loved is a momentary semantic confusion that is simultaneously a pragmatic clarification.
Aquinas more often used fittingness or appropriateness as a type of argument.
If he at times seems to adhere to a superstructure of traditional meaning (sequence, fittingness, progression, the salesman peddling his wares), it is again the wry magician playing with us, a comic, somewhat mad commentary on the frailty of our securities.
And that is not a comment on the fittingness of the Pope to be granted a tribute at a club in a town with a significant Roman Catholic population.
Such generalizations are based on the conceptual power of the findings derived from the fittingness and comparability of the cases studied (Firestone, 1993; Schofield, 1993).
The black research assistant then reviewed the analysis (repeating/enduring patterns, emergent themes and synthesis of unity) for rigor, establishing that credibility, fittingness, auditability, and confirmability were evident (Sandelowski, 1986).