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the quality of being suitable

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Scientific studies thus support the fittingness of the male for functions of protection and boundary setting.
This is sometimes obscured by saying "That the hat fits is true only for Harry," as if the truth of the claim rather than the fittingness of the hat were something particular to Harry.
This phrase, while not contrary to Lonergan's wording of the thesis, may contrast with Lonergan's reading of Anselm's argument as being "not from necessity but from appropriateness or fittingness .
Confirmability is attained if the other three evaluative criteria are met; based on the study's credibility, fittingness, and auditability, this study meets confirmability requirements.
Data were collected from siblings who were actually immersed in the phenomenon at the time of the interviews, enhancing the fittingness of the data.
Fittingness or applicability, the extent to which the working hypothesis fits into a different context, was demonstrated by the inclusion of male and female study participants from traditional and accelerated programs, with diverse experiences with EOL care.
Therefore, scholars need not to be guided by the principle of generalizability rather they should be guided by the principles of fittingness and comparability when they deal with aspects of cultural that seem to apply to different African cultures.
This aims to highlight both the expositional readiness of the parables and their missional fittingness For Luke's own catechetical intention integral to the discipleship process.
DeRose, Goldman, and Greco do challenge the idea that there is an adequate notion of fit that would enable the evidentialist to say that fittingness is the essence of justification.
These measures supported the credibility, fittingness, and confirmability of the findings.
Recent studies have emphasized how thoroughly Edwards grounded his life's work on conceptions of beauty, harmony, and ethical fittingness, and how central The Enlightenment was to his mindset.
Dike connotes the presence of an overwhelming fittingness, a meaningfulness that Dasein has brought to its 'there'.
In general, design is an iterative activity that involves the continuous generation of a design artifact and the evaluation of its fittingness to requirements.
The results also showed that the back pain was significantly associated with the fittingness of driver's seat, the driven distance, the roughness of road which related to the amount of vibrations and work-related stress, as well as, their working history.
The first included Sale and Brazil's (2004) criteria: (1) internal validity for quantitative findings and credibility for qualitative findings, (2) external validity for quantitative findings and transferability or fittingness for qualitative findings, (3) reliability for quantitative findings and dependability for qualitative findings, and (4) objectivity for quantitative findings and confirmability for qualitative findings (specific criteria are listed in Table 3).