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a sheet (usually with elastic edges) tailored to fit a particular mattress

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The special fitted sheet was specifically developed to assist in the prevention of the occurrence of bed sores.
In fact, under the proposed rules maids could wind up lifting mattresses twice as often: once to pull the fitted sheet into place and once to tuck the flat top sheet.
If your sheets don't have labels, you can make your own tags and attach them to the top centre of each fitted sheet so it's easy to lay it out correctly when you're making your bed.
But when we bought new mattresses none of my old, wonderful sheets fit, and I had a difficult time finding a fitted sheet deep enough.
Each of these linen sets made of the 'Queen of fibres', consists of a flat sheet, fitted sheet and pillow cases.
The company is also showcasing an expansion to its Seersucker collection, in the form of a fitted sheet with a durable and puckered weave.
In addition, the package was exceptionally appealing; a whole set is made up of the duvee cover, flat sheet, fitted sheet and pillow cases.
This disposable patent repositioning sheet is usually applied above the fitted sheet and below the draw sheet, but can be used in place of the draw sheet.
The girl's room was Spartan with bare walls, a bureau, a single bed with one fitted sheet and a single blanket.
At the halfway mark, they need to make another bed with a fitted sheet and pillow cases before they can speed back to the start/finish line.
The Gentle Reminder fitted sheet has "sleeves" on both sides to hold the Gentle Reminder Bumper Rails in place.
The last innovation in the sheet was the fitted sheet, and that was in the late 1940's, so for all you stock watchers instead of putting your money under the mattress you can now invest it over the mattress.