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Synonyms for fitted





Synonyms for fitted

satisfying certain requirements, as for selection

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As with linear models and multicollinearity, concurvity leads to variance inflation for the fitted parameters in a GAM.
In theory, for any GAM in which the back-fitting algorithm converges, there exists a matrix R such that the fitted values [mu] are given by the relation [mu] = Rz, where z = g(y) is the vector of observations transformed by the link function.
A plot of the fitted temperature profiles for a spot 13 mm away from the laser heating spot in a direction perpendicular to the fibers is shown in Fig.
We made three additional measurements on this set of specimens, and the fitted temperature profiles agreed to within 0.
Juniors and slender women can buy garments any place at any price, but the larger woman, when correctly fitted, is everlastingly grateful and becomes a loyal repeat customer.
Each child is fitted as her individual need requires and for this work there are special fitters trained to care for the children.
To avoid future blisters, wear properly fitted shoes.
An inappropriately fitted lens can result in serious harm, such as irreversible vision loss.
The tops in this fit are slightly longer and fitted through the body while the Fit 1 pants sit lower on the waist, but always provide welcome coverage.
In addition to giving a free fitting, these PGA Professionals are also authorized PGA Trade-In Network participants, allowing golfers to trade up to new, fitted golf clubs more affordably, by accepting their used golf club trade-ins at fair market values based on the PGA.
We believe this revolutionary new process has the potential to change the way all fitted garments are made.
Smith recommends that women get fitted once per year or whenever they gain or lose five or more pounds, start or stop an exercise program, become pregnant, and after giving birth.