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Synonyms for fitness

Synonyms for fitness

the quality or state of being eligible

a state of sound readiness

Synonyms for fitness

the quality of being suitable

good physical condition

fitness to traverse the seas

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the quality of being qualified

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Pros and Cons of using Sports and Fitness Nutrition Products 39
3 percent of the students tested met the fitness benchmarks.
While most law enforcement agencies recognize the importance of physical fitness for their officers and encourage them to exercise and maintain an adequate level of fitness, many find it difficult to implement a fitness program.
a 1992 case in Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, Cleveland, Ohio, a patron of a fitness center was reportedly awarded $250,000 after suffering a cardiovascular emergency on the premises.
If you'd like to show your support of National Running & Fitness Week by wearing a T-shirt, fanny pack, baseball cap, or by carrying a water bottle with the logo, call (847)398-7194 to place your order.
We are excited to announce Fitness On Request as a preferred vendor," said Chuck Runyon, CEO and co-founder of Anytime Fitness.
Table 45: Leading Sports and Fitness Nutrition Companies in
We can predict it to the day,'' says Kevin Lewis, fitness and lifestyle coach and owner of State of the Art Fitness in Woodland Hills.
We're delighted that Life Fitness offers seamless iPod integration to their customers," said Ron Okamoto, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations.
The state Department of Education on Monday released results of last spring's physical fitness testing of California students in fifth, seventh and ninth grades.
Bio-Dyne signed a letter of intent to acquire Carolina Fitness in December 1993, and in February 1994 purchased all shares in the company and circulated a pre-packaged reorganization plan to former Carolina Fitness creditors.
Fitness Together Corporation announced today that it has opened its newest fitness studio at 184 Cambridge Street, Burlington, Massachusetts.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Thirty years after the emergence of the exercise boom, the fitness revolution has finally gone to people's heads: SharpBrains.
Snap Fitness is one of the fastest growing fitness franchises in the country.
The Life Time Fitness presentation will occur on Thursday, November 16, at 8:00 a.