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any of the items furnishing or equipping a room (especially built-in furniture)

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Paddington families' groups are worried that the rail industry will suggest a fitment target date far beyond the 2010 date laid down by a public inquiry.
At the prescribed target point, the fitment is then brought into contact with the web and fused to it.
The new package is a flexible standup pouch containing fitments designed to provide product evacuation.
Bosch invented and pioneered anti-lock braking systems in 1978 and over 100 million are now in service around the world but as the technology behind ESP is related to ABS, the company believes its fitment will be twice as fast as the anti-skid system.
CAR crime could be shattered by the fitment of laminated glass to windows, which are now the most vulnerable part of a vehicle.
A session on vehicle dynamics will include presentations on "The impact of plus-sized wheel/tire fitment on vehicle stability"; "The effect of gross over inflation on vehicle handling"; "Load and inflation effects on force and moment of passenger tires using explicit transient dynamics"; "A new analytical tire model for cornering simulation--parts 1 and 2: Cornering power and self-aligning torque power"; "Cornering theory of a radial tire"; and "A new test procedure for measuring tire forces and moments at Goodyear.
com)-- The benefits of flat locking rods in electrical/electronic cabinets can be readily seen in their ease of fitment, so this new roller shoe from EMKA is welcomed for its smooth operation and quick installation to standard 3mm x 14mm rods.
Liqui-Box is capable of offering an expanded portfolio of multi substrate & EVOH film structures combined with the company's proprietary fitment solutions.
Tata Motors Limited (NYSE: TTM), an India-based automaker, has launched its SKOOLMAN as a standard fitment on the Tata Ultra range of school buses.
The dealer workshop technicians will inspect the wiring harness fitment condition and carry out the necessary repairs, free of cost, MSI said.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Motor Transport Fitment Items Tyre Tube Flaps And Batteries
DriveRight, the global vehicle fitment data specialist, has secured a six-figure equity and mezzanine investment from Finance Wales to fund its ongoing expansion into new markets in Europe, Asia and the Americas.
Delivery Schedule: Supply And Fitment Within 07 Days Or Early Delivery Is Preferable To Be Made To Sse/25/Carriage/Kharagpur
E[acute accent]Our product fitment forecasts in chapter two predict in some detail how the market will evolve in Western Europe and North America from 2000 through 2012.