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in an appropriate manner

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That might be fitly called a CAT-astrophe," said Gilbert.
Then this is a kind of knowledge which legislation may fitly prescribe; and we must endeavour to persuade those who are prescribe to be the principal men of our State to go and learn arithmetic, not as amateurs, but they must carry on the study until they see the nature of numbers with the mind only; nor again, like merchants or retail-traders, with a view to buying or selling, but for the sake of their military use, and of the soul herself; and because this will be the easiest way for her to pass from becoming to truth and being.
Germany a commercial Power, Germany a naval Power, Germany with colonies here and a Forward Policy there, and legitimate aspirations in the other place, might appeal to others, and be fitly served by them; for his own part, he abstained from the fruits of victory, and naturalized himself in England.
The federal and provincial governments joined the Town of Sioux Lookout in announcing an equal three-way funding deal on fitly 30 to proceed with a $ 12.
people who can fitly be described as a nation in the modern sense of the
D+H purchased Harland Financial Solutions, including the Touche solution, in fitly 2013.
As a man calls for wine before he fights, I asked one draught of earlier, happier sights Ere fitly I could hope to play my part.
Before these little ones are thought fit to make their first declaration of their free-will by acknowledging their faults, and therefore their power, they are prepared by a noble handbook of philosophy, fitly called The Childrens Catechism.
Synopsis: "A Place in the Son: Fitly Joined Together in Love and Growing in Christ" is a guide to growing in Christ in harmony with other true believers.
He synthesized the national and the confessional--a Romanian after whom streets could be fitly named.
In 1978 I constructed the word set HATED HORNY FITLY FAUNS WIRES WOULD in which each pair of words had exactly one letter matching in both alphabet and position.
So much so, in fact, that the number seven was even associated by Philo with God Himself, "Of Him seven may be fitly said to be a symbol.
Thus, he takes animals with "instincts fitly adapted to their surroundings, as happy as living things may be" and makes them "stumble in the shackles of humanity" living "in a fear that never die[s], fretted by a law they [cannot] understand" (131).
Furthermore, given that German cockroaches are associated with dirty or fitly conditions most people do not want to be identified with their infestations and consequently, occasional cockroach infestations prompt the routine preventive use of pesticides.
Imagine this: You are sitting in a meeting; you follow the conversation fitly, absorbed, noticing that a few of your colleagues whose eves are focused on incoming texts are less connected.