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Synonyms for fitfulness

the quality of being spasmodic and irregular

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We are in truth sculptors in snow, we educators, but, thank God, we are sometimes aided by that wild fitfulness which is called "hazard," "contingency," and the indeterminacy which Dewey labeled "thinking.
Stross goes on to relate how "a book about prominent New Yorkers which appeared that year (1884) noted how swiftly his public image had flipped, from that of a prodigy to a failure, an illustration of 'the fitfulness of the fever of fame'" (pp.
If God's Sacred Tongue bears a slightly disjointed quality, its fitfulness derives at least in part from the location of Hebrew study within American Christian culture.
He told Pearce: "The characteristics of modernity, the psychological illness of the twentieth century, is this hurriedness, hurrying, scurrying, this fitfulness - fitfulness and superficiality.