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She leant upon the rail and looked over the troubled grey waters, where the sunlight was fitfully scattered upon the crests of the waves, until she was cold and absolutely calm again.
Cunningham, the woman whom her hostess had referred to as being her particular friend, and one who shared her passion for entertaining, chatted fitfully to her neighbour, Major Thomson.
Now and again I fitfully slept, but the pain of the cold always aroused me.
In a large and lofty building, supported by pillars of iron, with great black apertures in the upper walls, open to the external air; echoing to the roof with the beating of hammers and roar of furnaces, mingled with the hissing of red-hot metal plunged in water, and a hundred strange unearthly noises never heard elsewhere; in this gloomy place, moving like demons among the flame and smoke, dimly and fitfully seen, flushed and tormented by the burning fires, and wielding great weapons, a faulty blow from any one of which must have crushed some workman's skull, a number of men laboured like giants.
Since Morris only fitfully focuses on Reagan, the reader must endure tedious passages about the (fictional) author's own emotions and his prejudices against anyone not as educated, well-bred or enlightened as he imagines himself to be.
You wish the wraith-like creature known as Hollowface would just hurry up and get on with it in "Intruders," a fitfully creepy, overly protracted chiller that plays more like a noncommittal sampler of horror techniques than the vivid nightmare it's clearly ainfing for.
The second act brings the two legends together as each fitfully attempts to utilize the other to recapture former glory.
Offering a fitfully funny sitcom plot clumsily stretched to 90 minutes, then goosed with increasingly tiresome doses of smuttiness and political incorrectness, "The Best and the Brightest" is neither.
Philharmonic's coolly measured, fitfully volcanic new recording of music by Revueltas.
Watford improved fitfully after the break but were unable to find a way past determined defending.
The academy's controversial decision to bestow an honorary statuette on director Elia Kazan added more gray hues to an evening fitfully brightened by Benigni's over-the-top effusiveness and Dench's regal dignity.
Neither as outrageous nor audacious as its premise might suggest, "Special Needs" is a fitfully funny but mostly toothless satire of reality television.
Fitfully amusing and full of busy camerawork, Robert Rodriguez's horror comedy takes us to the hallowed halls of Herrington High in Ohio.
But the fitfully atmospheric pic is undone by off-putting obfuscation and, worse, a frustrating refusal to reward audience patience with a satisfying (or even coherent) resolution to its knotted mysteries.
Missing a strong visual style and featuring a treacly, New Age-style musical score, the sentimental film only fitfully comes to life.