fit the bill

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Synonyms for fit the bill

be what is needed or be good enough for what is required

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Hiked a further 8lb after that success, Fit The Bill was hardly disgraced in finishing second at Windsor off his revised rating and while the handicapper has eked him up another 1lb for that run, he should still be competitive.
Daily Post Correspondent BIRMINGHAM manager Steve Bruce is confident new signing Salif Diao will fit the bill after beating off Aston Villa to the signature of the Senegal international.
It seemed the falcon would best fit the bill, and Falconry At The United States Air Force Academy tells of the performing mascot's importance to the Academy, as well as the overall history of falconry.
The EMU, Snyder echoed, provides a transformational leap in combat medical care that can be tailored to fit the bill.
Students want to play "long pieces" for the recital, and this collection will fit the bill with all pieces being three pages and ranging in length from thirty-two to fifty-six measures.
Strapp says he approached some local private sector players that best fit the bill, but is also investigating other types of opportunities so that interested businesses can get information needed to link them with companies coming to the trade forum.