fit the bill

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Synonyms for fit the bill

be what is needed or be good enough for what is required

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Home office buyers' top priorities are saving money and space, so multifunction products will fit the bill.
Lester and the other people we've hired for our Asian technology centers fit the bill perfectly.
At 10 million years of age, TW Hydrae fit the bill.
His servant girl, Sybil, and his talking raven, Odo, hunt for a green-eyed reader and find not one but two boys who fit the bill, one sweet and one sour; bury and rebury their not-quite-dead master: and contend with a mysterious monk who is trying to retrieve the book and with the city reeve, who wants the alchemist's gold.
This property fit the bill, and it worked for them aesthetically.
Little Christian Montoyo fit the bill for Friday's free dentistry program for 100 children from low-income families.