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Despite heavy security mobilization, there were reports of fisticuffs between students.
More often than not, it's one story or another about booze, drugs, or fisticuffs.
This week, Neighbours' Steph and Toadie (Carla Bonner and Tyan Moloney) both dither on the altar steps, Emmerdale's vicar, Ashley, and Laurel split over his love child while Andy Sugden engages in fisticuffs, literally, with Jo and Val's about to bankrupt fiance Pollard.
The surgeon performing the operation responded by exiting the operating theater to engage his assailant in (latex) "gloves off" fisticuffs (which reportedly resulted in loose teeth and a fractured finger, among other injuries), leaving an assistant physician to complete the procedure.
Fortunately, if this fight comes to fisticuffs and injuries ensue, the governor and the president will be able to afford the hospitalization.
I've been around long enough to remember the first time I saw a program credit for fight choreography--in the old days, the director staged the swordplay or the fisticuffs whether or not he had any expertise in fencing or boxing.
Prone to fits of violent temper, made worse by the permanent scars of the unspeakably inhuman treatment he endured, Harry Haft decided to take his talent for fisticuffs into the professional boxing ring.
It has featured transsexuals, couples having sex and contestants engaged in fisticuffs, but now Big Brother wants Christians to appear on the show.
Villa's Mark Kinsella and Newcastle's Andrew Griffin were sent off after a spectacular bout of fisticuffs which would have graced any boxing ring.
In the second round of their intellectual fisticuffs, the authors direct their attention to theatrical looking.
As the fisticuffs continued, he fired a warning shot in the air, but rather than calming the melee it further inflamed the angry interlopers, at least two of whom turned on Rivera.
There are fisticuffs of sorts on Monday as intersection rivalry reaches boiling point and Woolf and Eagle get into a fight.
Amid the fisticuffs there's greatness, as we film junkies know.
Buchanan has channeled his fondness for fisticuffs into writing, and as a result, he possesses an almost perfectly pugilistic writing style.
Jury chairman and Tate director Nicholas Serota will stifle any fisticuffs.