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a hand with the fingers clenched in the palm (as for hitting)

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They stormed banks and stuffed fistfuls of dinars--the now-worthless Iraqi currency--into their bags.
The explosion scattered money from the bank's safe, setting off looting and bloody fights over fistfuls of cash.
Fistfuls of fruit fly larvae (wormlike developing young) are digging tunnels all over the sweet flesh.
The Australian-born star supplements his meals with fistfuls of vitamins and Chinese herbs, avocado and olive oil every day.
Drenched from head to toe with melted snow, 11-year-old Matt Rucks flung two fistfuls of snow at his 8-year-old brother Adam as the boys tackled each other and tumbled down an icy hill.
The newest tech tycoons, they prophesied, would be left clutching fistfuls of worthless options.
Then a mighty hand dug deep into a giant sack and threw fistfuls of petals into the air.
Braces over one shoulder; sweat-stained tweed cap; bucket of white fertiliser slung from his crook'd arm; a hand flinging bright fistfuls over the field for hours this bank holiday, the whole place sleepy as Sunday.
You can start harvesting small quantities of leaves as soon as plants are 4 to 6 inches tall and robust looking; as they get larger, you can cut fistfuls.
Melanie and Stephen Jones, pictured at the arena, have bought fistfuls of tickets for the gig, with relatives, friends and colleagues out in force.
The piece ended with the cast hurling fistfuls of flowers toward the audience; eventually the air was thick with flying flora, some of which reached the back of the house.
1 Use the eyeball method (where each meal contains a piece of protein - like fish or chicken - the same size and width as your palm, a fist full of starchy carbs like pasta/rice, or two fistfuls of fruit or vegetables, and a drizzle of olive oil)
Even today, campers looking for a way to clean their cooking utensils grab fistfuls of horsetail, which is often found growing next to streams, to do the job.
Strung with fistfuls of pasta-colored clay, the giant Necklace, 1993, roped off much of the floor.
The Huyton plasterer, totally confident in his plan, 'balled' six large fistfuls of groundbait at the start and chose to fish over the feed with an 11 metre pole and sweetcorn on the hook.