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Synonyms for fissiparous

reproducing by fission

having separated or advocating separation from another entity or policy or attitude

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This is not to say that the period of the Reformation and the developments within fissiparous Protestantism since that time are a perfect work of the Spirit.
The colonizers' technologies of rule and expropriation bequeathed therefore a fissiparous legacy of politicized group identities founded on divisions of class, 'race', religion, ethnicity and region.
9) In one of his articles Cumming refers to the Disruption, but he elides the fissiparous effects: (10)
South Asian society-but not Southeast Asian-is only somewhat less fissiparous, and its profusion of clan, lineage, and sub-ethnic groups is no less complex.
The battle of Karbala in 680 between warring caliphates signaled the fissiparous tendency of the religion throughout its history.
Meanwhile, fear of Muslims has become the glue that holds together the fissiparous elements of the Republican coalition, binding wealthy Wall Streeters to social conservatives much as anti-communism did a generation ago.
Singh said: " It is to the credit of the people of this State that they have been able to successfully combat fissiparous forces.
The basic guideline is that " all news relating to this subject should conform strictly to subserving the public interest of maintaining parochial and communal harmony, of eschewing any divisive or fissiparous tendencies, and of preserving the secular ethos of our society".
The URW was a fissiparous organisation, and Bykoff had left it in early 1918 to form a separate 'Group of Russian Workers', but this itself had split into two factions and Bykoff, ill at ease in the company of what he called 'nationalist-individualists' and 'intellectuals', (8) drifted back towards the URW, though often at odds with Zuzenko, whom he regarded as a domineering and dictatorial leader of the Russian community.
It needs to grant autonomy and rights to all those living within the state if it is to remain consolidated and not fall prey to fissiparous tendencies.
But given a fissiparous trend in Indian geopolitics and Pakistan's origins, will Pakistan's own political bullying of its pared body politic stop in time?
Both queer and religious interests are fissiparous and always evolving, and one can never assume alignment either within or between these groupings.
Keenly aware of the fissiparous tendencies within the new state, Ayub Khan wanted to create a "strong centre.
In any case, the structural deficiency in the creation of Pakistan, the adversarial relationship with its large neighbor India, the internal fissiparous tendencies among the various ethnic and linguistic communities and a weak economic base with no significant natural or human resources all added to Pakistan's insecurities and pushed it toward finding a strong ally.