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capable of undergoing nuclear fission

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According to such plan, a WMDFZ with international legal sovereignty would participate in the negotiations between the IAEA and Israel over the future controls of its civilian facilities as well as of special fissionable materials previously used in the country's military devices: the negotiation would thus be conducted collectively between the IAEA, the WMDFZ, and all member states of that new regional organization, and it would not exclude military nuclear activities from its jurisdiction.
iii) any source material, special fissionable material, or equipment or material especially designed or prepared for the processing, use or production of special fissionable material, knowing that it is intended to be used in a nuclear explosive activity or in any other nuclear activity not under safeguards pursuant to an IAEA comprehensive safeguards agreement; or
Zinn also emphasized that breeders would be necessary because fissionable uranium would eventually be in short supply (Hewlett and Duncan 1969).
Moreover, while 1ran is openly increasing its capacity to produce more of this low enriched uranium with additional centrifuges, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in February and May verified Iran is simultaneously converting some of its enriched uranium to fuel stocks thereby reducing the amount of fissionable material potentially available for a nuclear bomb.
TV talk shows and press stories immediately indulged into obviously fissionable narratives and accounts of the stated and even 'unstated' reasons behind Mr.
At the time of such an accident the pump sprays boric acid water into the vessel and eliminates contamination of the fissionable material.
50) In its relevant provisions, the SUA Protocol criminalizes (1) the transport of any explosive or radioactive material, knowing that is intended to be used to cause death or injury; (51) (2) any biological chemical, or nuclear (BCN) weapon; (52) (3) any source material or special fissionable material, knowing that it is intended to be used in a nuclear explosive activity or any other activity not under IAEA safeguards; (53) and (4) "any equipment, materials or software or related technology that significantly contributes to the design, manufacture or delivery of a BCN weapon, with the intention that it will be used for such purpose.
Khan remains a hero to many of his compatriots, even though the technology that has allowed Pakistan to produce the fissionable material needed for a bomb was stolen rather than developed.
Pearce describes the huge quantities of energy required to obtain fissionable uranium isotopes out of uranium ore, which contains only a fraction of a percent to a few percent uranium oxide ([U.
In the years after 1939, the last theoretical uncertainties about whether nuclear weapons were even possible had basically been eliminated, but there was great doubt on all sides as to whether the sheer task of generating fissionable uranium-235, or plutonium, was industrially feasible.
Recycling proponents want ultimately to build a fleet of fast neutron reactors that could consume the plutonium and other fissionable material.
While it is true that the plutonium in recycled nuclear fuel is fissionable, no country in the world has ever made a nuclear weapon out of low-grade plutonium from recycled high burn-up nuclear fuel.
Scientists disagree over how fissionable materials correlate with mortality data.