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capable of undergoing nuclear fission

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They reduce the quantity of fissionable materials needed to achieve a critical mass.
Other measures, including a ban on the production of fissionable materials such as uranium-235 and plutonium, in combination with a test ban, would provide a stronger check against nuclear dissemination.
The dominant technical difficulty is limiting access to fissionable material--the plutonium or highly enriched uranium (HEU) that can be used to make a nuclear weapon.
In nuclear power reactors large amount of mass is converted into energy when nuclei of fissionable materials split into lighter elements.
Thus," he says, "IFR should eliminate any concerns about public safety associated with cross-country transport of fissionable or radioactive materials, now necessary to reprocess fuel from power reactors.
Uranium enrichment is the process by which the concentration of the fissionable uranium isotope, U-235, is increased in order to make fuel for nuclear power generating units.
Incapable of positively determining the extent to which fissionable material and technical expertise have spread, intelligence sources know Pakistan's leadership, at best questionable, has maintained undetermined 'des with Islamic militants.
Both the United States and Russia have far more pressing priorities than stockpiling more nukes and making the world a more frighteningly fissionable place than it already is.
There is= circumstantial evidence that some fissionable material available for Israe= l=92s weapons development was illegally obtained from the United States abo= ut 1965.
238] atoms that will not fission, but can capture an excess neutron and become fissionable plutonium 239.
The project involves generating electricity by burning fissionable fuel made by mixing uranium and plutonium extracted from spent nuclear fuel.
Natural uranium occurs in several isotopes, including a fissionable isotope, symbolized as U-235, which we could in principle use to make nuclear "devices," nuclear power plants, etc.
There is a good deal of circumstantial evidence that Americans have taken charge of the security of Pakistan's nuclear weapons and fissionable material.
Rather, it is depleted of its contents of the uranium isotope U-235, which, because it is fissionable, is used for bombs and for fuel in nuclear reactors.
Second, negotiations for a treaty banning production of weapons-grade fissionable materials -- the so-called cutoff treaty -- should start immediately and be concluded by 2005.