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Synonyms for fishwife

a person, traditionally a woman, who persistently nags or criticizes

Synonyms for fishwife

someone who sells fish

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I also enjoyed the Victorian era when we were fishwives - that was very tough, dirty and cold and pretty bleak - but we were very much left on our own and not constantly shouted at for doing things wrong.
From top, Paddy's Market, Newcastle, in the1890s; children at play in Newcastle in the late-1800s; fishwives busy at work in North Shields, 1898
In 2010, Ceriann climbed Kilimanjaro, raising thousands for the charity, and hopes to do the same by joining the Fishwives.
Not only were there noticeably more fishwives in Cornwall, the fish suppers were better as well.
Highlights of the fair include products from recently established ready meals company Two Fishwives, which is hoping to do for the fish ready meals market what companies such as Square Pie and Pieminister have done for the meat pie industry.
Beg for the chance to be humiliated on national television by a pair of nauseous, nagging fishwives.
My guilt gives me images of fishwives, and gossipy old crones.
They should have their own spin-off show: Desperate Fishwives.
I could see myself standing on a quayside somewhere, all bosom and pinny speedily ripping out fish innards with a sharp pointy knife while exchanging gossip, singing bawdy songs or whatever fishwives were wont to do.
Then the fishwives, to use the old term, offering up their glistening, fleshy catch, vying with one another to display the superiority of their wet, scaly wares and impatient for the sale.
The servants, fishermen, fishwives, Indians, and children who narrate chapters of Windward Heights permit Conde to flesh out her canvas with a broad panoply of colors and details and reveal previously unknown aspects of Caribbean life.
OPINIONATED females who make themselves heard are often compared to fishwives.
The pensioners have dressed up as fishwives and held raffles and New Year's Day events for the charity for over 50 years - and raised more than PS50,000 for the RNLI at Cullercoats.
The local club put up a prize of a creel (fishing basket) to be contested by the fishwives of the area.
Cheryl added: "Sarah calls me and Kimberley the fishwives 'cos we're so boring.