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Synonyms for fishwife

a person, traditionally a woman, who persistently nags or criticizes

Synonyms for fishwife

someone who sells fish

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The fishwives were backed in their struggle by a trade unionist from the National Union of Seamen called John Prescott.
I heard stories about fishwives from Musselburgh who walked into Edinburgh every day carrying heavy baskets filled with fish.
I also enjoyed the Victorian era when we were fishwives - that was very tough, dirty and cold and pretty bleak - but we were very much left on our own and not constantly shouted at for doing things wrong.
In 2010, Ceriann climbed Kilimanjaro, raising thousands for the charity, and hopes to do the same by joining the Fishwives.
Beg for the chance to be humiliated on national television by a pair of nauseous, nagging fishwives.
They should have their own spin-off show: Desperate Fishwives.
The fishwife's verbal contest is very much a public speech, witnessed by the narrator and the others he refers to, as well as by the neighboring fishwives who join forces with the heroine at the end of the tale.
I could see myself standing on a quayside somewhere, all bosom and pinny speedily ripping out fish innards with a sharp pointy knife while exchanging gossip, singing bawdy songs or whatever fishwives were wont to do.
If they are not donning the other sort of black cap in the commentary box to pass sentence on yet another cricketer's failings, then they are out in front of the camera whingeing and bitching like a proverbial gaggle of fishwives.
The first chapter treats women's speech during the French Revolution, particularly fishwives who were known for their "vulgar yet captivating street cries" (11).
Mme Clere participated in a tradition of fishwives, or poissardes, who had privileged contact with the king as representatives of the people's voice.
Then the fishwives, to use the old term, offering up their glistening, fleshy catch, vying with one another to display the superiority of their wet, scaly wares and impatient for the sale.
The servants, fishermen, fishwives, Indians, and children who narrate chapters of Windward Heights permit Conde to flesh out her canvas with a broad panoply of colors and details and reveal previously unknown aspects of Caribbean life.
But the Finns take theatre seriously, too (actually, they take everything seriously), and care discussions about the woeful portrayals in their nation's drama of Finnish men as drunkards and Finnish women as shrewish fishwives run late into the night.
The Carnival King and Queen are crowned, and, after a visit to the Prince's Theatre, there are shots of Cullercoats fishwives, these children, and some clowns.