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Synonyms for fishwife

a person, traditionally a woman, who persistently nags or criticizes

Synonyms for fishwife

someone who sells fish

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As the sun set, we ventured out in search of dinner and wound up walking to the Fishwife Restaurant, just across the street on Sunset Drive.
The former child star is known for having the Voice Of An Angel and the language of a fishwife.
Not only did the first exhibition display Fresh Fish' there was also Fishing Boats Returning, A Cornish Fishwife and several coastal scenes.
From nit-picker to ploughman, fishwife to chimney sweep, the catalog of these worst forms of employment should return a pleasant coloring of reality to your office-bound sinecure.
2) The encounter between two such overdetermined figures as a fishwife and a pedant from the College de Montaigu cannot, however, simply be confused with a realistic scene of everyday life, witnessed by Des Periers and later recorded for its comic value.
I WAS standing beside the sink happily beheading and boning a mackerel when, possibly because I was so relaxed, the thought crossed my mind that once upon a long time ago I must have been a fishwife.
And it brought the wonderfully raucous Gladys Morgan, whose high-C cackle made your average fishwife or even Vera Duckworth sound refined, to a huge audience.
The director's own performance has some touching moments, and Sharp and Hart are amusing in turns writ large with Northern English regional flavor But the key roles of Sam and TV contestant Nancy are woefully misjudged: Ward is too stiff Co invite sympathy, while Styler plays her character as such a vulgar, intrusive fishwife that her softening in the concluding scenes seems an unlikely conceit.
Hesse begins her study by juxtaposing two cases which came before the Revolutionary tribunal: that of Mme Clere, a fishwife prone to bouts of drinking, and that of Mme Roland, a famous Girondiste and salonniere.
But when Margery Fishwife, the eponymous heroine of William Wycherley's 1675 play The Country Wife, comes to town with her uptight husband, she's immediately locked up.
He suggests that there's more than banter going on between Eve and Margot--and that real-life bisexual George Sanders's character, ruthless theater critic Addison DeWitt ("that venomous fishwife," someone calls him), is a closet case looking for a lavender marriage with latent lesbian Eve.
She sounded so like a fishwife that her `cool' guests were embarrassed for her.
In practice, eelman qualifies as a headword (as 'one who sells eels'), but fishwife does not (see the reference to a fishwife s.
There have been several versions of wooden dollies over the years, from a ship's figurehead to a fishwife In 1814, the first dolly - a ship's female figurehead - stood at the entrance to the Customs House Quay in North Shields.
Your rage hadn't turned you at all into a cheap raving fishwife.