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Synonyms for fishwife

a person, traditionally a woman, who persistently nags or criticizes

Synonyms for fishwife

someone who sells fish

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Brian said: "My book tells of a tough fishwife - dubbed Big Lil by the media - who led a 'headscarf army' to improve safety at sea after the 1968 Hull triple trawler disaster, when 58 men died after three ships sank in as many weeks in the Arctic.
I WAS standing beside the sink happily beheading and boning a mackerel when, possibly because I was so relaxed, the thought crossed my mind that once upon a long time ago I must have been a fishwife.
The former child star is known for having the Voice Of An Angel and the language of a fishwife.
FISHWIFE RESTAURANT: 1996 1/2 Sunset Drive, Pacific Grove.
The sooner we create a Palestine state with fair boundary lines and no fishwife borders, the better for world peace, prosperity and oil prices," Mr.
Her fishwife behaviour was very undignified" - Tory MP Nadine Dorries, speaking about Labour MP Caroline Flint with whom she had had a row.
Dennis plays Nora, a fishwife with WAG pretensions, as a terrifying elderly aunt whose puckered lips cause you to run for cover despite being really quite fond of her.
The Herring Girl is the tale of a fishwife remaining defiant in the face of a murder charge.
He suggests that there's more than banter going on between Eve and Margot--and that real-life bisexual George Sanders's character, ruthless theater critic Addison DeWitt ("that venomous fishwife," someone calls him), is a closet case looking for a lavender marriage with latent lesbian Eve.
Luckily Louise, who was an army child born in Hong Kong, didn't find the whole experience a hardship, even as a fishwife in Victorian times, despite what she looks like in our cover photograph.
GEOFFREY HOWE, 1990 "She carried the cult of the individual much too far and has done us terrible damage in Europe with her fishwife yelling and screaming.
It was finally finished three years later PART OF HISTORY The traditional Cullercoats fishwife TOUGH WORK Cullercoats fishwives waiting for the boats to come in.
When it came to the final cut, though, the judges were split - while Julien championed her, Grace dismissed her as a fishwife.
Wilfred Pickles' programme, We Speak for Ourselves, was talking to Geordies ranging from a Cullercoats fishwife to a munitions works manager, from a foreman of a shipyard to a man of the Merchant Navy.
DESPERATE Housewife Teri Hatcher looks more like a desperate FISHWIFE as she lounges in giant hair rollers.