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slow down by moving the tail sideways

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3 - The fact that your car almost fishtailed when you panicked and jumped on your brakes, coupled with you choosing not to wear a seatbelt, means that my actions above may well have saved your life - and for that, you are welcome.
The Toyota lost control, fishtailed and crossed into the eastbound lane, where it crashed head-on with a 2006 Mack truck towing two empty chip trailers, Oregon State Police said.
Her Explorer fishtailed across three lanes of traffic, slid into the center median and tipped over before righting itself.
Purnama twisted two fishtailed braids into a Iow chignon and used the Nioxin Thickening gel from the new Volumizing Reflecnves styling collection to give hair hold anddimension.
When Elias hit his brakes, his trailer fishtailed, and he veered to the left, sideswiping a Toyota truck and sending it out of control on the freeway, Peterson said.