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a paste of fish or shellfish

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It's just," she faultered, picking her words carefully, "that when you come to clean your shoes tomorrow, you'll have to use fishpaste.
Thrown out by the missus, Dave moves in with workmate Tolley (Dominic Coleman), an equally sad sack who's dedicated himself to a regimen of masturbation and strawberry jam and fishpaste sarnies since the love of his life dumped him.
Meanwhile, Princes has taken control of the Beta Foods fishpaste, canned chicken and pate business.
You always allow the away team first go at the fishpaste sandwiches and sorry sausage rolls that makes up the apres-darts diet.
Crowning a perfect day, my fishpaste and tomato bread had placed second - in a field of two
SuperFish Fishglue matt styling gel and Fishpaste hardcore hold matt effect putty are RRP PS4.