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someone who sells fish

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The fishmonger sighs, beats him to death with a frozen haddock and takes down the sign anyway.
Fellow E Ashton fishmonger Mike Crates won the British Fish Craft Championship in 2012 and this year secured a fourth-position finish.
As a Fishmonger himself--that is, endowed with the honesty, (37) work ethic, and Christian virtue displayed by his fishermen associates--he is uniquely positioned to do so.
SAC Sallehuddin said the 30-year-old fishmonger lived in Kampung Silam where the 45-year-old victim was abducted on Jan 6.
Tom, now 22 and a parttime fishmonger at Sainsbury's in Clifton, Bristol, told how he even ditched his passion and played football instead in an attempt to fit in.
Service "management and certification of the quality mark produtos scale fishing and shellfishing (" fishmonger does onde se non ") Two lots.
His head chef is Chris Eagle, who previously worked at Laybourne's Cafe 21 then his quayside gastro-pub the Broad Chare, while the fishmonger role belongs to chef and fish specialist Ian Lowrey.
With a section of the old fish market currently open to the public, both fishmongers and costumers shared the same concerns about the hygiene at the market, and the heat during the summer.
A fishmonger from East London has become an unlikely contender in the race for this year's UK Christmas number one song.
But who cares about a friendly exchange with your local fishmonger or pork butcher's when you can order your Sunday joint or piece of plaice from the hermetically-sealed safety of your own computer?
ONE of Joe Lycett's first tasks on his debut TV show is to slap a blindfolded fishmonger across the face with different types of fish.
COVENTRY Market fishmonger Clive Hemmings has seen his trade boosted by a stream of new customers since the Fish Fight programmes and is now starting to see customers being more adventurous with their selections.
Developed using the expertise of Mitch Tonks, the award winning restaurateur and fishmonger, Young's Fishmonger's Choice consists of two unique, single-serve recipes: Prime fillet of Atlantic cod with roasted garlic, herbs and sun dried tomato (160g); and Prime fillet of Atlantic haddock in a mild chilli and lemon dressing (160g).
the lady fishmonger exclaimed to her assistant, before advising me sternly: "You'll eat them out of a plastic bag like everybody else, love.