fishing vessel

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a vessel for fishing

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Different qualifications (known as tickets) are needed by skippers depending on the size and power of their fishing vessel and its area of operation: Inshore area skippers are responsible for small vessels fishing close to shore.
An innovative catch information system on fishing vessels will enable fish products to be traced back to source.
The report said the navy did, however, confiscate five sampans abandoned by the fishing vessel when it escaped Sunday.
Nine Japanese from the fishing vessel are still missing and hopes for their rescue have faded since the collision on Friday off Hawaii.
Three crew of the 60ft Karianda were airlifted to safety by helicopter from RAF Lossiemouth when the fishing vessel ran into trouble and sank suddenly off the North-east coast of Scotland.
Rich Gonzales, fishing vessel safety coordinator for the infamous 7th District.
China's fishing vessel construction enterprises are mainly distributed in the coastal areas and inland river regions.
The Ministry of Environment (MoE) Fisheries Department is set to enforce a number of regulations for the operations of fishing vessels during the breeding season of fish during April and May, local Arabic daily Arrayah reported Friday.
The 11m Tina had been trawling for prawns nine miles north of the Tyne piers when another fishing vessel was reported to have towed her nets across the Tina's, fouling her propeller and dragging her backwards fast enough to start shipping water.
Manila: Filipino investigators found 40 holes in a Taiwanese fishing vessel where a Taiwanese fisherman died following an encounter with the Philippine Coast Guard in the South China Sea early this month, sources said.
Moreover, the Philippine ship chased the fishing vessel for about one hour, even when the attacked fishing vessel was fleeing at full speed.
The inspection team reported that large amounts of illegally collected coral, giant clams and live sharks were found inside the compartments of the first fishing vessel boarded by the navy team,'' the statement said.
GUIDED-MISSILE destroyer USS Hopper provided assistance to the crew of a Pakistani-flagged fishing vessel, adrift in the Arabian Sea.
Humber Coastguard received an emergency call on Saturday from the fishing vessel Green Pastures, which had three people on board, reporting that it had a fire on board while 25 miles off the coast.