fishing smack

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a vessel for fishing

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5), fishing smacks lie up for caulking and repair under the watchful gaze of a harbour light; while in Piper's (1903-92) Nursery Frieze I (1936; Fig.
Her husband has entered the Pantheon of father founders, a poor lad from Barking who found a job, aged 13, with a Mr James Thorpe who had a number of fishing smacks.
Million-dollar yachts jostle hull-tohull with fishing smacks being readied for the next morning's early tide.
He gives us a wonderful tale of hitch-hiking aboard a motley assortment of craft -- freights, dhows, yachts and fishing smacks and meeting interesting and colourful men and women on the way.
Hitching rides on freighters, dhows, yachts and fishing smacks, he sails up the east African seaboard from South Africa to northern Mozambique before setting east to the islands of the Comoros and t h e n Madagascar.
From humble barges and fishing smacks, to sturdy lifeboats and gleaming yachts, they formed up in convoy to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Britain's gravest hour in World War II.
I am glad to tell you that you are gaining a good deal more in your Agassiz work than most of the Manxland boys gain in their schools and fishing smacks.
An Edwardian tinted postcard shows fishing smacks off New Brighton.