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a rod of wood or steel or fiberglass that is used in fishing to extend the fishing line

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May 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- TACKOBOX's POLETAP SMARTROD, the world's first fishing rod with built-in strike alert technology, is now available in select Walmart stores nationwide.
com)-- A simple yet innovative new product targeted at millions of fishermen worldwide, the Henry Fishing Rod Holder, has been developed by Herbert Henry, Jr.
DOHA RECREATIONAL fishing or sports fishing using the fishing rod has a set of guidelines.
amp; 3 1/2 pound test curve rods, Biomimetic 13ft waggler fishing rod, Biomimetic 12ft feeder fishing rod and the Biomimetic 12ft twin tip Barbel rod.
Carbon-fibre rods are very, very efficient and one cannot imagine better material ever being developed for the effective construction of fishing rods.
One of them laid down his fishing rod when he saw me, which was a dead giveaway that they hadn't taken my warning.
Blister Entertainment burst onto the wireless entertainment scene this summer when it turned the world into a virtual ocean and cell phones into fishing rods with the launch of "Swordfish", North America's first GPS-based cell phone game.
Hammer Fishing Rods is excited to join forces with Charlie Ingram and Ray Brazier as rod sponsor of Fishing University," said Shane Cox, owner of Hammer Fishing Rods.
They made off with two Maver fishing rods, one Daiwa fishing rod, and a Kawasaki mini-moto.
Their discoveries run the gamut from the ordinary - cameras, fishing rods, beverage bottles - to the anomalous - a two-handled saw, or a handgun belonging to a Los Angeles Police officer.
FisherGirl's initial product line up focuses on fishing rods, accessories and outdoor wear geared to the millions of female anglers throughout North America.
How come that same 16-foot boat has weather-tight lockers, where I can stow fishing rods, shotguns, tackle boxes and the like, but I can't find similar lockers in a Jeep Grand Cherokee?
The top-selling fishing rods, reels and combos, based on dollars earned, for the week ended July 9, 2000, are as follows:
founded in 1973 by Gary Loomis, chairman of the board and president, manufactures and sells premium fishing rods, fishing rod blanks and other composite tubular structures.
Then using their cell phone like a fishing rod, they try to hook and land the big one, and compete with other players to make the national high score leader board.