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For the Tonga fisherwomen in Zimbabwe, local support came through the Zubo Basilizwi Trust, a development organization that secured the fishing rig for the women traders in Siachilaba, supported by UN Women.
The brand-new 210 Dauntless combines all of the features of a real fishing rig without leaving the family comforts behind.
Liz Kellett, 41, who ran a specialist fishing rig supply business via the internet, was made bankrupt two weeks ago.
We use 4-foot sections of of 475-pound-test cable or heavy mono, and crimp swivel sleeves onto each section; these have a 90-degree leg, like a deep-drop bottom fishing rig.
1 large snap swivel + 1 tiny hook + 1 2-ounce sinker = duffer's fishing rig
If you don't have live baits, then make yourself an easy drift fishing rig.