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a rod of wood or steel or fiberglass that is used in fishing to extend the fishing line

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is "goin' fishin" for general merchandise sales - and he's doing it with fishing poles, bait and other tackle.
Snyder then hands us our fishing poles as he explains a need to change our measure of poverty "from a body of statistics to the human person.
The cart and two fishing poles were seized, and the man was issued a Notice to Appear for this violation.
During the July 6 gathering, waves crashed on the beach, seagulls flew by and a family set up fishing poles, as a dozen people sat on beach chairs to talk.
City/Region: The Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife will not be providing fishing poles and tackle for those wishing to fish during a volunteer fair Saturday in Oakridge at Greenwater Park.
The simple act of turning the page puts Snowy into action on an iceberg; pulling a tab dunks the bears' fishing poles.
What features can we expect to see superimposed this year, I wonder - gnomes with fishing poles dotted along the final stretch, perhaps?
Last year prizes included fishing poles worth pounds 700 and pounds 500.
BROKEN fishing poles -many worth thousands of pounds -litter local canals and lakes following last weekend's gales.
The fishing pole holder uses clasps that fit into the rails and keep disassembled fishing poles secure during transport.
Using this resource material, campers learned how to make simple fishing poles using aluminum cans and how to identify the different types of fish they would catch.
Example: An LLC, A, was formed in 1993, and since that time has been involved in two distinct lines of business--the manufacture and sale of baseball bats and the manufacture and sale of fishing poles.
has expanded on its ProStor line of sporting goods storage units with the introduction of a storage rack for fishing poles and supplies.
Emphasis on applications from microwave antennas on spaceships to medical prosthetics, golf clubs, fishing poles, and tennis rackets suggests composites manufacturers are looking towards other markets, feeling they have some time yet before the momentum of current military programs winds down.
Yeager's mission was not only to fly Farland to the fishing grounds, but to take on such logistical details as prepositioning the fishing poles, bourbon, and other essentials at the site.