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a rod of wood or steel or fiberglass that is used in fishing to extend the fishing line

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Medida, for instance, has designed a device that is inserted into interactive electronic games where the player uses a fishing pole.
It wasn't long until they met a man carrying a fishing pole.
Each unit comes stock with a remote push-button mountable on a fishing pole or anywhere on a wheelchair; an optional toggle switch is available.
Guide Darren "Weiner" Wehner accidentally broke a fishing pole Sam had received in the hospital.
At one point he makes a gesture of a man holding a fishing pole and pulling a fish out of the water.
The fishing pole holder uses clasps that fit into the rails and keep disassembled fishing poles secure during transport.
Bron Eifion Fishing Lakes, Criccieth, Gwynedd Fishing well considering the adverse weather conditions with local anglers Andrew and Tracey Russel from Pwllheli able to produce daily 45lbs bags of carp, roach and orffes fishing pole and maggot at 5m.
Together with Italian family firm Paioli Sports, they jointly produced the wrold renowned Maver carbon fishing pole.
Cabello, one of the original members of Urban Tap, strummed a handmade string instrument resembling a fishing pole while strolling about the platform.
is we're just not going with a fishing pole, we're going down with a fish finder.
99) lets preschoolers pretend they're fishing, while teaching numbers and colors through a "smart" fishing pole that identifies the seven different sea creatures children catch.
Currently, L sees substantial growth opportunity in the fishing pole business, and would like to focus all his energies in that direction, while N sees the same opportunity in the baseball bat business; R would like to retire.
If the lake area here is solidly icebound, you can take your ax, chair, fishing pole, and tear-drop lure, chop a hole in the ice, and fish for cisco one by one; believe it or not, this method is sometimes more reliable.
Every time I see a body of water, I immediately want to grab a fishing pole.
Some of his happiest moments included a fishing pole.