fishing net

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a net that will enclose fish when it is pulled in

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Today some Japanese and Vietnamese fishermen continue to follow the age-old tradition of giving a human burial to any whale that gets caught in their fishing nets.
Fishermen aren't allowed to leave their fishing net in the water for a lengthy period of time.
KUWAIT, Nov 16 (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti divers lifted a large fishing net, weighing half a ton, entangled in rocks under the sea surface north of the Kuwaiti island Auhah.
A WOMAN poacher who stripped before swimming across a river to illegally set a fishing net was caught by Environment Agency officers.
He described the elation when the team operating the Scorpio 45 rescue sub saw the Russian mini submarine bob to the surface three days after it was snared by a fishing net.
A 29ft yacht was towed to safety by lifeboat crews in the early hours of yesterday after a huge fishing net got caught in the propellor.
This is wrapped in a rhomboidal grid, like a giant fishing net (or string vest), infilled with a mixture of flat, concave and convex panels of glass.
Musannah: During the final race yesterday, a green turtle was discovered floating on sea surface stuck in a fishing net and jury member Saleh Al Jabri went to its rescue.
EUR10 FISHING NET A mid-size net will catch a family enough fish to feed themselves and sell on to make a terrific source of income.
The Russian crewmen were trapped in their mini submarine for three days after fishing net cables snagged it at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.
Mumbai, July 1 (ANI): The Coast Guard on Wednesday rescued nine persons from a police patrol boat that got entangled in a fishing net under the newly opened Bandra-Worli Sea Link bridge in Mumbai.
A fishing net and jam jar on string, That's all we need, everything.
The whale was released around half an hour after it got entangled in the fishing net.
Each fishing net is operated by more than four fishermen and is designed to allow the weight of a man walking on the main plank to be enough to cause the equipment to be pulled down into the sea.
Prospects are particularly bright in the area of fishing net fiber production.