fishing net

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a net that will enclose fish when it is pulled in

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These fishing nets are illegal under the federal law and are often lost at sea, causing the death of key marine wildlife.
In order to minimise mortality of dugongs during the winter season, we have already intensified our monitoring of critical areas within and outside marine protected areas and we have continued to meet regularly with fishermen calling on them not to use the illegal Hiyali net, not to leave fishing nets unattended and to report the locations of any abandoned fishing nets to EAD," she added.
They tend to stay close to the coast and therefore are at a high risk of getting caught in fishing net.
THE Paphos swimmers association condemned on Wednesday the death of a large 50-kilo loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) which was caught up in fishing nets on Tuesday and died after being trapped underwater.
With the islanders "barely subsisting on scavenged scraps" Shaney magically stumbled across another fishing net, apparently washed up, in near perfect condition.
Together they formed Bureo, a company that manufactures skateboards and sunglass frames from reclaimed nylon fishing nets.
Among the most important components of the fishing net is the cork, which helps nets float on the surface of the sea, locally called "Karb, after the trunk of the date palm.
Unfortunately, he got caught in a fishing net," Arevalo said, adding it appears that fishing vessel has dropped fishing net in the area.
The ministry has also identified the reasons that spoil the nestling of turtles such as loud noises, eggs being stolen, strong lights and being trapped in fishing nets.
The unauthorized fishing net sizes is the major factor behind the decline in fishes and shrimps resources thus dimming the chances of their further growth as well as their exports.
An obvious fishing net raider, the remains of a net can be seen clamped in its jaws.
AN escaped wallaby was captured yesterday - with a fishing net.
Purulia (WB), Sep 24 (ANI): A 13-feet long python was found trapped in the fishing net in the pond of Panbazar village in Purulia district of West Bengal.
Ken Barlow, Coronation Street Always liked a woman with a fine big fishing net did Kenneth.
The cleanup included nearly 250 commercial lobster traps, numerous fishing rods and sport traps, and a huge fishing net covering 5,000 square feet of the seafloor.