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a license authorizing the bearer to fish during a specified period of time

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Delaware fishing licenses are sold online, at the licensing desk in DNRECs Richardson & Robbins Building, 89 Kings Highway, Dover, DE 19901, and by license agents statewide.
Paul began pursuing the fishing license for her son Michel, 15, this past summer, making application to the Fish and Wildlife office in Cold Lake, where she resides.
In South Dakota, for example, House Bill 1002 would take $1 from every hunting and fishing license sold and use it for county road repair.
Bass Pro doesn't charge extra for taking hunting and fishing license orders between 4:30 p.
The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources reminds hunters and anglers they can quickly and conveniently purchase their 2012-2013 Alabama hunting and fishing licenses online.
Brian Yablonski, FWC Chairman, said, These true heroes of hurricane response efforts will be able to enjoy Floridas world class freshwater and saltwater fishing opportunities without buying a fishing license.
In 1976 a hunting license cost $7 and a fishing license cost $9.
But some perks should end, and the age-65 fishing license exemption is one free ride that we can drop, voluntarily.
Hudson River anglers are reminded that they now need a fishing license to fish the Hudson River south of the Troy Dam.
Moore, D-Millbury, said he voted against the fishing license bill when it came before the Natural Resources Committee because none of the revenue would go toward law enforcement.
LONG BEACH - California anglers need a fishing license, and they'll soon need a passport.
The government has revoked the operating license of 411 foreign fishing vessels as they have no fishing license.
1, 2006 explicitly to support the debt, providing just over sum sufficient coverage, as well as base sport fishing license revenues, king salmon stamp fees, and federal grant funds that support the state's sport fishing activities.
The macroeconomic performance has been favorable on the back of strong fishing license revenue and increased capital expenditure.
Pandering to freedom-lovers everywhere, Senator Joe Negron (of Stuart no less) introduced a bill this year (SB 744) that would deep-six our entire fishing license structure, fresh and salt.