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Better infrastructure, including access to port reception facilities where the fishing community can dispose of end of life fishing gear, is important to prevent further fishing gear from ending up in our oceans.
Commercial and recreational fishermen caught using illegal and banned fishing gear and methods will be prosecuted, the EAD warned.
Meanwhile, as many as 111 cantrang vessels have not undertaken the replacement of fishing gear and otherwise can not be processed to go back to sea.
com/endangered-sea-turtles-bones-reveal-surprises-scientists-guide-conservation-efforts-2647440) impact of fishing on loggerhead turtles, including adjusting the type of fishing gear and locations used to reduce the number of sea turtles getting caught up.
The mission in the Natura 2000 protected area was part of a series of actions to reduce the impact of abandoned fishing gear on marine turtles.
The earlier arrested 4 Tamil Nadu fishermen along with their fishing trawler and fishing gear have been brought to the naval base SLNS Elara in Karainagar.
Whereas according to [15] in order to optimize utilization of fish resources sector in water area required a consideration of the type of fishing gear to be used and should not damage the marine resources and ecosystems.
The Fisheries Department prohibits the use of fishing gear that has a negative impact on marine environment such as nylon mono-filament fishing nets and other non-selective fishing gear, in addition to regulating fishing seasons of certain types of fish and the number of fishing trips permitted during fish breeding season.
It takes millions of pesos to modify the boat and change the fishing gear.
A FAMILY has been left "devastated" after thieves stole a dead man's fishing gear - just two days before his funeral.
Volunteers in the organisation's Autumn clean were targeting 'ghost gear' - discarded fishing gear which can contribute to the death of marine wildlife.
In one report of pelicans in the Monterey Bay region of California, approximately 60% of pelicans admitted to a local rehabilitation center during a 6-year period had injuries related to fishing gear.
Bring fishing gear if you have it, but some will be available.
Discuss fishing with there members, and there will also be a sale of surplus fishing gear donated by members, a raffle to raise money for club funds and the opportunity for non-members to join at the event.
If the whales can see the fishing gear more clearly, then they are better able to avoid it, said Scott Kraus, a leading researcher on northern right whales.