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As people become the dolphin in the game's story, they must dodge some of the most common types of ghost fishing gear that affect the welfare of marine animals, including abandoned, lost or discarded fishing pots, traps and nets.
POLICE reeled in a Coventry man after discovering an "Aladdin's cave" of suspected stolen fishing gear at his home.
Between 5pm on Tuesday, March 23, and 9am the following day, offenders broke into the shed in Rushock Close and stolen fishing gear worth around pounds 4,000 as well as two adult and two children's pedal cycles.
The international team of scientists has proposed that bans on fishing gear, like spear guns, fish traps, and beach seine nets, could aid in the recovery of reefs and fish populations hard hit by coral bleaching events.
In 2007, the California Lost Fishing Gear Recovery Project retrieved nearly 10 tons of fishing gear from around the Channel Islands.
If the whales can see the fishing gear more clearly, then they are better able to avoid it, said Scott Kraus, a leading researcher on northern right whales.
One of the major causes of death today for those animals is entanglement in fishing gear.
A tangled fishing line around a stranded dolphin doesn't necessarily mean that fishing gear was the cause of death, but fishing gear is responsible for many marine mammal deaths each year.
The shooting did not result in any casualties, but caused damage to a number of Palestinian fishing boats and fishing gear, Palestinian sources told KUNA.
He said Bahrain's reefs, the marineenvironment and fish population had suffered due to a combination of dredgingand reclamation, overfishing, the use of harmful fishing gear and natural causes.
Current Bookkeeper Staff will stay & handles current clients Bring your boat, fishing gear & your check book.
Now, with growing understanding that marine biodiversity is imperiled, we have shown that the sea is experiencing physical alteration from bottom trawling and other towed fishing gear on a scale that was not previously appreciated.
The bomb destroyed the boat's fishing gear and bits of shrapnel were left in the remains of his nets.
Police said the force of the impact threw Nishida against the boat or the fishing gear, breaking her neck, while Nakamura may have been thrown overboard.
Ellie worked at CLF from 1988 to 1998, applying her wide-ranging knowledge, genius with statistics, and infectious enthusiasm to many core CLF issues: the management of depleted groundfish stocks, wastewater treatment for coastal and estuarine discharges, the effects of fishing gear on the ocean bottom, dredged materials disposal and ocean dumping, salmon farming, global warming, and, of course, the entanglement of right whales in fishing gear.