fishing expedition

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an investigation undertaken in the hope (but not the stated purpose) of discovering information

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Russian president Vladimir Putin has landed a giant pike on a fishing expedition in Siberia, says the Kremlin.
The men were on a fishing expedition in the Murmansk region of northern Russia when the accident happened on Sunday.
The pair were on a fishing expedition and died when the chopper - a Eurocopter E120 B - lurched to one side during take-off after the pilot had dropped them off.
Attendees will have an afternoon for leisurely activities, which will include a fishing expedition or a round of golf at the Seaview Country Club.
Bear finds this out when, during a fishing expedition, he hooks a small iceberg on which stands a polar bear.
SNAP responded in a court filing April 6, writing that any more attempts to depose Clohessy would amount to a "true fishing expedition.
Nail them to the garage wall for an instant shelf or fill them with grub for your hunting or fishing expedition.
Our experiment was a bit of a fishing expedition in the beginning.
They agreed to meet on the shore at 8pm after the fishing expedition and when Polleos failed to make the rendezvous his friends called the rescue services.
Unless something dramatically changes, we would be going on a fishing expedition,'' Councilman Ara Najarian said.
The Bush administration only faces problems with wiretapping calls when the calls are probably not being made by terrorists--when the executive branch goes on a fishing expedition with taps on all Americans' phone lines.
go on a fishing expedition with Jim Raby the next morning; comparing who
Agrand jury--which is supposedly a citizen fact-finding body charged with determining the likelihood of a crime but in reality more resembles a fishing expedition dominated by a federal prosecutor--can unilaterally issue subpoenas to seize any assets and compel testimony from any witness.
We were basically doing a major fishing expedition," Dr.