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a vessel for fishing

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The Israeli gunboats then chased 2 fishing boats belonging to Ahmed 'Awad al-Sa'idy and Nafez 'Ali Salah, both of them are from al-Shati' refugee camp in Gaza City.
Members of Coast Guard immediately conducted their search operation along waters nearby and where the ill-fated fishing boats capsized to find the five missing fishermen.
The 15ft fishing boat Redemmed made a call for assistance at 9.
Yusra knew that any fishing boat that crossed beyond the three-mile mark could be turned back, seized, or even shot at by the Israeli patrol ships.
Sweden, March 6 -- Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami writes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to secure the safe release of 48 Indian fishermen and 122 fishing boats from Sri Lankan custody.
The cities of Tagum, Panabo, and Samal, and the municipality of Carmen will receive 100 fiberglass fishing boats each.
Jayalalithaa also urged the Centre to intervene to secure the immediate release of the 15 fishermen and 91 fishing boats in Sri Lankan custody, including the four fishermen and one mechanised fishing boat apprehended on June 4.
The incident took place Monday when a frigate intercepted the fishing boat near the Natuna Islands, which are part of the exclusive sovereign land of Indonesia, as China acknowledged in November.
Maximize the efficiency rating for fishing boat o, this is subject to the constraint that, when the same set of u and v coefficients is applied to all other fishing units being compared, no fishing unit (SU) will be more than 100% efficient as follows:
He said their initial investigation showed that the fire originated from the kitchen section of the fishing boat.
FIVE fishermen had to be rescued after their fishing boat hit rocks and started sinking off the Pembrokeshire coast in the early hours of yesterday morning.
THE rescue of a brokendown fishing boat attracted the attention of some special onlookers off the coast of Redcar.
SEUL (CyHAN)- A Chinese fishing boat collided with an unidentified cargo ship Thursday night in seas near South Korea 's southern resort island of Jeju, leaving 10 Chinese fishermen missing, the Yonhap news agency reported on Friday.
ON board Coast Guard's Interceptor Boat C- 409 the sailor said, "It takes up to 15 minutes to check one fishing boat physically.
New Delhi: In a mid-sea operation that probably averted a 26/11-like terror attack, a suspected Pakistani fishing boat carrying explosives was intercepted by the Coast Guards in the Arabian Sea but the four occupants on board set the vessel afire and exploded it before it sank with them.