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a sharp barbed hook for catching fish

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The dog was taken to vets at Hendon PDSA PetAid hospital, west London, where X-rays revealed the fishhook was lodged in his stomach along with some of the fishing line.
Even after we fished for a while, I still would have been back at the range before now, but we had to stop at one of those urgent care places to get a fishhook removed from The Old Man's posterior.
By PAT NOLAN DARRAGH O SE has accused Anthony Tohill of sabotaging the CCCC's handling of the Paul Galvin fishhook incident.
In this big picture, find the sailboat, sock, ice-cream bar, fishhook, drinking glass, envelope, knitted hat, slice of pie, fried egg, muffin, mushroom, paintbrush, needle, fish, barbell, tube of toothpaste, crescent moon, snake, tack, nail, lollipop, and candle.
The Mat-Su Trunk Road reconstruction in Wasilla involves reconstructing the road between the Parks Highway and Palmer Fishhook Road, including realignment, widening, paving shoulders, and signage and illumination at major intersections.
In the past 20 years, American alligators, bald eagles, Maguire daisies, brown pelicans, gray whales, and Wright fishhook cacti have all made solid comebacks from the verge of extinction.
These interconnected islands form a fishhook 22 miles long and only about 2 miles across at the widest point.
While European round gobies and fishhook fleas further colonized North American waters (156: 68*, 308*), scientists claimed the first eradication of an established nonnative marine pest--an abalone worm (156: 151*).
A bucket of minnows--bait for an ice-fishing trip--piqued the interest of this young Labrador, but when Quincy stuck his snout in for a sniff, he managed to inhale a three-pronged fishhook.
In this big picture, find the hen, sailboat, candle, sock, shoe, crescent moon, spoon, needle, fishhook, slice of pizza, carrot, fish, ice-cream cone, slice of pie, mushroom, snake, baseball, bowl, hat, crown, cat's head, tack, flashlight, heart, pennant, nail, sneaker, and mug.
Tie the end to a fishhook, and place in the canister.
Shaped like a fishhook, Bermuda is the second most remote island in the world and is surrounded by coral reefs.
Turning left off Fishhook Road on the Glenn Highway outside of Palmer takes you into two Hatcher Pass getaways.
Attach a size 14 fishhook on each line just below the hoop to hold corners of triangles.
In this big picture, find the heart, broccoli, pennant, book, ice-cream bar, pencil, spatula, banana, wishbone, eyeglasses, musical note, candle, fishhook, doughnut, ladle, mouse, crescent moon, ring, toothbrush, tack, funnel, needle, pitcher, glove, and mushroom.