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a workplace where fish are caught and processed and sold

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While not every fishery needs to be observed at this high level, even small increases in coverage levels for key fisheries, or the establishment of pilot programs in unobserved fisheries, will have the benefit of increasing understanding of by catch and will help to identify where additional data collection is needed.
Field experiments show that acoustic pingers reduce marine mammal bycatch in the California drift gillnet fishery.
The latest measures follow years of mismanagement, overly optimistic stock estimates, and misguided fishery policies that failed to align the economic interests of the fishing community with the long-term sustainability of the fishery.
Proper fishery management can both conserve fisheries and maintain their value.
Sharif stated that France has agreed to disseminate fishery product market information from France to Indonesian exporters as well as provide assistance in developing access of Indonesia's fishery product market to France.
The MoU covers partnership priorities to both parties including; France will facilitate business alignment and promotional activities for the Indonesian fishery product in France; fishery expert exchange in favor of the fishery product processing industry development in Indonesia; and France will host an investment forum on the Indonesian fishery product processing and marketing industry.
Created in 1870 and with 9000 members from over 50 nations, AFS is the world's largest and oldest organization of professional fish and fishery scientists and managers.
5) The dire state of the fishery gave Council members
7) As fishery researcher Ray Hilborn has explained, the
presentation to create awareness for the progress of fishery industry in Pakistan here at Ravi Campus, Pattoki (UVAS).
Prof Dr Talat Naseer Pasha while addressing the session consisting on leading progressive fish farmers, Feed industry owners and academia personals, suppresses the collaborative efforts for the progress of the fishery industry.
Our western rock lobster fishery was the world's first fishery to be certified as sustainable by the MSC and it has maintained that certification ever since, so it's wonderful that other WA fisheries have now gone through the same process.
Growing Awareness of the Sustainability Needs II-38Fish Prices to Increase Further II-39Global Trade of Fish and Fishery Products - An Insight II-39Table 30: Global Fish and Fishery Products Market (2012):Percentage Share Breakdown of Export Value by Country ofOrigin (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-40
Table 31: Global Fish and Fishery Products Market (2012):
It is not a buyer's guide designed to discriminate against one fishery or advocate for another, nor is it an ecolabel or certification.