fisherman's knot

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a knot for tying the ends of two lines together

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Mtima, 12, went first, carefully picking her route up after Burg showed her how to tie two figure-eight knots and a fisherman's knot in the rope.
Don't try to make the lengthy loops the same; just bind the two ends through the existing loop with a fisherman's knot, and you will produce a pair of self-adjusting handles.
Bates tested a double fisherman's knot using a tensile testing machine in a shop where her father works.
With more twists and turns than a double fisherman's knot, the plot of FFXII is darker than its predecessors, but one which will keep you glued to your seat for hours.
It's a fisherman's knot,'' he said, injecting some manliness back into the conversation.
For joining two ropes together, especially ropes of different thickness, the Outdoor Program recommends the Double Fisherman's Knot.
It's one thing to practice a knot in your family room in front of a TV, quite another to tie a double fisherman's knot to join two ropes for a rappel, knowing that your life and your companions' lives will depend on its integrity.