fisherman's bend

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a knot for tying a line to a spar or ring

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Working with Co Design Studio and Bioregional Australia, ACF has developed a vision for Fisherman's Bend as the first industrial precinct in the world to achieve zero environmental impact.
GM Holden had already installed an energy monitoring system at its Fisherman's Bend plant to improve the efficiency of furnaces and compressed-air distribution systems.
Try using either a "double fisherman's bend," or a "figure eight follow through bend.
And there were a couple of churches, some apartments and homes and two businesses: DeHart's, a gas station, convenience store and liquor store; and Fisherman's Bend, a gas station, convenience store and tackle shop.
ACF and Melbourne-based Co-Design studio have developed a proposal to make Fisherman's Bend in Melbourne a world-class clean industry precinct.
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