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As owners of the Fishbowl, never did they imagine, 35 years later, they would own three other restaurants, contemplate a hotel and consider franchising.
A chance encounter with an older British woman resulted in her sharing a fish batter recipe with the sisters and since that time, fish and chips have been the signature item on the Fishbowl menu.
STEP ONE: Fill mini fishbowls to the halfway point with water
The following art class was used to discuss actual fishbowls.
They were next told to cut around the lines of their fishbowls, and then finally they cut out a collaged stool, using shades of brown construction paper.
Fishbowls have a berry-flavored gelatin that dissolves in warm water, along with fish-shaped fruit snacks and blue sugar crystals.
And there are fishbowls so large that they have to wheel them out on a trolley.
Arrange in a tall vase with a collar of tropical leaves or wind three or four inside a fishbowl vase for a contemporary table setting.
Display with structured dark green foliage or wind inside a large fishbowl vase with cornus.
STEP FOUR Stack the fishbowls on top of each other.
He didn't become a big fish in any body of water until he reached the mother of all fishbowls.
We economised without compromising on style by using our favourite vases and mini fishbowls and accentuating the arrangement with a mirror base, candle votives and rose petals.
Five to seven mini fishbowls with single floating flowers such as roses or gerbera create a simple but effective dressing for an oval or rectangular table for that elegant dinner party.