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a bone of a fish

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If you launch at either Shired Island or Fishbone Creek, you're closer to the action.
Her lungs and airways were reacting to the presence of what was quite a large fishbone.
Now picture what Fishbone Alley has become: its surface has been repaved with 100-year-old bricks excavated from the city's first paved streets; its dark passages are lit by goose-neck lamps and stringed globes; its entrance is hung with a handcrafted, brushed-metal sign bearing the Fishbone Alley name and logo.
One of its cardboard scratchers has a cartoon picture of a fishbone on both sides of the product, which has been for sale since 2008.
4 The Primum is a fixed drop point custom knife handcrafted by Fishbone Forge.
Introducing the Iranian EPC offshore companies, reporting of project needs and requirements, ways to engage in Iranian projects, collaborating between European and local EPC-partners, facilitating financial structures as investments, guarantees, fund transfers and insurances, discussing latest rules and regulations, improving business by partnering and clustering knowledge, reviewing of latest European offshore developments, presenting advances and trends on heavy oil, directional drilling, multilateral reservoirs, fishbone well drilling, and networking are the event's highlights.
In this theoretical paper we adopt a fishbone diagram as a supply chain risk management framework to identify potential sources of risk.
It adds best practice guidelines on Control or Computer HAZOP (CHAZOP) and Power HAZOP (PHAZOP) reviews, utilization of the fishbone technique, and the integration of these safety reviews with the trend of operational excellence, as well as expanded discussion of threats in security vulnerability analysis and more on chemical process facilities and hydrocarbon/chemical plant safeguards.
Material and Methods: A total of 50 patients were selected by consecutive sampling presenting with history of fishbone impaction in aerodigestive tract.
CMS provides an online tool called "How to Use the Fishbone Tool for Root Cause Analysis.
That's why we came up with a new design --the fishbone gasket.
THEY say variety is the spice of life and if ever there was a phrase that could sum up Fishbone, it's that.
com)-- The Fishbone Diagram solution extends ConceptDraw PRO v9 giving users the ability to easily draw Fishbone Diagrams.
Hand-sewn, the sultry corseted dress with fringed black fishbone skirt, named La Rose Noire (Black Rose), was designed by Nicole Mabalot of Sarasota's Wicked Betty Designs.