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a workplace (usually a pond) where fish are raised for food

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Indeed, its decisions over the allocation of individual leases tended to pre-empt any territorial regulation of the on-shore developments necessary for the fish-farms involved.
This was followed by strategic locational guidance for the siting of new fish-farms.
The fish-farm industry responds that it is doing what it can to address issues like escaping salmon, which "represents an economic loss for the farmer.
The fish-farm industry, however, is unwilling to commit to measures that might undermine profitability
Tourism interests have also expressed fears about the impact fish-farm waste could have on the three beaches on the inner rim of Clew Bay.
Boffins at Aberdeen University are hoping to brainwash giant fish-farm salmon and trout into swapping their fish diet for a more politically correct veggie alternative.
Crowded fish-farm conditions facilitate the spread of the disease.
Fish-farm opponents say government must ban the importation of Atlantic salmon eggs, demand closed containment systems (no more netcages), require product labelling of farmed fish sold in stores and restaurants and resolve Native claims around fisheries resources before lifting the moratorium and issuing any further licenses.