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a tank or pool or bowl filled with water for keeping live fish and underwater animals

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It''s a fish tank, yeah, and they want to license Finding Nemo
Glen Bradburn, the bus coordinator, calls the fish tank waiting area his version of "no child left behind" and says he's noticed a difference in his son and his friends since they started walking to and from school.
It began a few years ago, installing fish tanks to domestic and business customers.
They can sit and lose their worries looking at a fish tank.
When I first saw Fish Tank some months ago I could not decide whether, on the one hand, it was a morally bankrupt movie.
FISH TANK (15) Verdict: HHHII TO PARAPHRASE sci-fi writer Philip K Dick (Total Recall), if anybody wants a truly bleak, twohour snapshot of the downside of modern British life, this film will deliver it for you wholesale.
FISH TANK 15 A winner at film festivals in Cannes and Edinburgh, this film from Andrea Arnold, after the Glasgow-based Red Road, is not my cup of tea.
But you can buy everything you would need to start your own saltwater fish tank.
One thing sure to liven up any room is a fish tank.
BRACKISH-WATER FISHES thus is an important addition to any library specializing in aquarium care or fish tank maintenance: it offers both an overview of species and habitats and recommendations for specific tank setups and tankmates for species.
If people start to view the Internet as a fish tank the government can reach into at will," Harris says, "that's going to start to chill people from engaging in transactions.
This glass is going to be tough to polish," said Erin, staring at a giant fish tank at Earle Aquarium.
And in America's Next Top Cruise, a fish tank bubbles with store-bought diet cola.
You took me to the fish tank, / where I met your favorite guppy.
In addition, lighting and HVAC systems were integrated into the displays that include a 5,000-gallon fish tank in the lobby, an authentic locomotive, the world's largest doll house, a sports arcade, an actual fire engine cab, a resource center, stage, toy store, and food court.