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a long fillet of fish breaded and fried


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About 14 days later, Roxy tossed some frozen fish sticks on a tray, popped 'em in the oven, cranked it up to 350, and bustled about doing other kitchen chores.
According to recent studies, fish sticks made with whole fish fillets are preferred more than 10 to 1 over fish sticks made with minced fish.
Germany's Iglo GmbH has been temporarily giving its customers more frozen fish sticks for their money.
Iglo has 52% of Germany's fish stick market, and is constantly seeking ways to address new market groups.
He had two packages - one with steaks and another, as a gag, of frozen fish sticks - placed in the air brakes of the fighter.
If you're cooking for the over-12 crowd, fish sticks may never cross your shopping list.
Kapt'n Iglo's latest fish stick variation serves both with a chili-flavored breading.
But the recipe that actually snagged her a spot as a finalist was deceptively simple - really a glorified fish stick.
In the Lemon Fish Stick, the pangasius fillet is marinated with lime juice and herbs, formed into a wavy, corrugated look and skewered with a bamboo stick.
But the frozen fish stick and fish fillet category is as competitive now as it ever has been, and Van de Kamp's wanted to update its brand identity while capitalizing on its brand strengths of longevity and consumer awareness.
Fish Sticks, Sports Bras, and Aluminum Cans:: The Politics of Everyday Technologies
The little ones will be amazed at the colourful, carnival decor as they tuck into a menu of classics, like burgers, chicken strips and fish sticks.
Fish sticks, mashed potato, steamed corn and carrots, pear slices and milk.
I became interested in the provenance of ingredients at an early age; my first dish was created from fish sticks, and I remember pondering their origins beyond the waxed paper carton that lived in our freezer.
Moistened with water and deep fried in very hot oil and served as a finger food, accompanied by fish sticks, fried fish, cheese or with a dip.