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cross-section slice of a large fish

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Preheat the chargrill and place the fish steak for grilling.
Grill fish from both sides, make a bed of the sauted vegetables on the plate and place the fish steak on top.
Pre-heat grill, lightly brush fish steaks with oil, season with salt and pepper and grill until cooked and nicely browned - five to six minutes each side.
Spicy fish steaks are quick and easy to cook, low in fat and make a great summer meal.
Pan-poaching This short-cut poaching technique is a quick way to prepare any fresh or frozen fish steaks or fillets (1/4 to 1 1/2 in.
Ingredients: 2 garlic cloves, crushed' 2tbsp fresh thyme leaves' 4tbsp olive oil' 2 lemons' 4 x 200g firm fish steaks, such as swordfish or tuna.
KWIK SAVE Ross four frozen fish steaks in parsley sauce (600g).
Meanwhile, rub the fish steaks with olive oil and season well, fry in a smoking pan for three minutes on each side until cooked to your liking.
Measure fish steaks, fillets or whole fish at the thickest part and cook 10 minutes (at temperature of 425 to 450 degrees F) for every inch of thickness (applies to broiling, grilling, sauteing, steaming, baking and poaching, not microwaving and other methods).
4 (8-ounce) firm-fleshed fish steaks (such as salmon, swordfish OR tuna)
1Put the fish steaks in a single layer in a shallow dish, pour over the oil, lime zest and juice and scatter with coriander.
Far left, top fish steaks with salsa for a colorful presentation.
If fish steaks are large, cut into 6 serving pieces.
1 pound firm fish steaks (such as cod, monk, tilefish OR tuna), bones removed and cut in 1-inch chunks
Remove fish steaks from mixture and broil or barbecue fish steaks about 2 to 3 inches from heat source, about 4 to 5 minutes on each side depending on thickness.