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a food turner with a broad blade used for turning or serving fish or other food that is cooked in a frying pan

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A yest leav AN ANGRY boyfriend was yesterday banned from leaving his house - with a fish slice.
Graeme McLachlan, prosecuting, described the fish slice as "fairly flimsy and has holes in it".
Until recently, cats were fed "Nekomamma" (cat meal), which consists of boiled rice with dried bonito fish slices Now, as people spend less time at home cooking, the food industry has proliferated with more and more processed pet food.
Pound fish slices until they are evenly 1/8-inch thick.
Arrange shiso leaf, daikon, pickled ginger, and fish slices around custard.
Add the marinated fish slices and cook further for 6-8 minutes.
These raw, delicate fish slices rest on a nifty mixture of cucumber, enoki mushrooms and radish enhanced with a zingy ginger dressing.
Using a couple of fish slices, remove from tray and slice to desired size, using a sharp serrated carving knife.