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a food turner with a broad blade used for turning or serving fish or other food that is cooked in a frying pan

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Nigiri: This classic fish slice on a rice mound style sushi.
Using fish slice, carefully turn fillets, then place in the preheated oven to finish cooking, for about four minutes.
We used the fish slice from the galley, like a spatula, as a splint and bound it all up.
Mind you, I'm used to it now so usually have a good stock of creams, lotions, pills and the odd natural repellent such as folded-up newspaper, wet tea towel or fish slice.
Flatten it to about 10cm/4in in diameter using a fish slice.
Remove with a fish slice, drain and flake into chunky pieces, then stir it into the rice along with the peas.
99, Lakeland For those moments when you suddenly realise your cake is in the wrong place, step away from the fish slice because it's not big enough and reach for the Mary Berry Cake Lifter.
If cooking in a pan, squash down a little with the back of a fish slice while cooking, flip over after 2-3 mins when golden, then cook on the other side.
4 Next, using a fish slice, squash down the middle of the pastry.
Using a fish slice, flip over the pancakes and cook for a further minute or so.
Fry for about two minutes on each side, using a fish slice to flip the pancakes.
Leave in fridge For the sea bass: Ingredients: 4 stuffed sea bass 1 fresh lemon 250ml water in a spray bottle to mist over the salt 4kg rock salt roll of aluminium foil, a metal baking tray 4cm deep and a fish slice.
Staff and pupils gave her gifts and flowers and also presented her with a fish slice mounted on a plaque.