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a food turner with a broad blade used for turning or serving fish or other food that is cooked in a frying pan

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Dunleavy helped Fish slice through the Pill batsman second time around for just 28 to leave the league leaders clear.
Kouign-Amann Ingredients: 25g dry yeast 350ml lukewarm water 520g plain flour, plus some extra for rolling 220g top-quality salted butter, diced and chilled 400g unrefined golden caster sugar, plus a little more for rolling out the pastry 1 teaspoon Maldon salt 100g extra butter, melted Extras: Large metal spatula or fish slice A 9" solid-bottomed cake tin or pie dish, ideally non-stick Method: In a small bowl, dissolve the yeast in the water along with a pinch of the sugar.
Using a fish slice, flip over the pancakes and cook for a further minute or so.
When heated, sear the tortilla sandwiches over medium heat for 2-3 minutes on each side, or until crisp and light golden in colour, flipping with a fish slice or a palette knife halfway through.
Fry for about two minutes on each side, using a fish slice to flip the pancakes.
Throw in the vegetables and break them up a bit with a fish slice.
Leave in fridge For the sea bass: Ingredients: 4 stuffed sea bass 1 fresh lemon 250ml water in a spray bottle to mist over the salt 4kg rock salt roll of aluminium foil, a metal baking tray 4cm deep and a fish slice.
As everyone sat down to eat there were hysterics as sticking out of the salad bowl was a potato masher and fish slice.
Staff and pupils gave her gifts and flowers and also presented her with a fish slice mounted on a plaque.
Come the urge to inhale I'd have to fetch a step ladder, climb up and poke into a dark invisible corner with a fish slice to rootle them out - which I did the night my friend rang to tell me her husband had died.
Flatten slightly with a fish slice and fry for four or five minutes on each side.
You can buy a professional eight-piece deluxe set in an aluminium case, with high-quality stainless steel tools - including tongs, fish slice and basting brush - for pounds 35.
Using a fish slice gently turn the fillets over and cook for about another 3 minutes.