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scale of the kind that covers the bodies of fish

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SCALY CHIC For a subtle nod to the underwater world try The Rodnik Band's fish scale print jacket, pounds 160, which features a sea-inspired scallop print design (asos.
Other past numerous scale studies on the commercial fish scale structures [5,43,21,16] have been conducted around the globe and its breakthrough on the scientific research has been positively used in growth studies [4,37,38,32,14], the calculation of minimum harvestable size in order to prescribe the legal fishable size [18], for the determination of old age in commercial fish [44], and the pollution status of the water body [12,13,16,17].
TANKS A LOT J His tropical home HOOKED Z Stroking one of his exotic fish SCALE J D-UP The amazing indoor tank DIVING IN ZJack gets set to clean aquarium
The stomach cavity of the other specimen contained a crab shell, several fragments of other crustaceans, and a single fish scale.
Another popular place is the Giggling Marlin, so named because you can get hooked up to a giant fish scale, strung upside down and photographed next to a self-satisfied marlin holding a rod and reel.
Details on how to take fish scale samples and how to become involved in the ongoing fish scale programme can be obtained by calling the Environment Agency's environmental monitoring team on 0191 203 4140.
This year's Rainbow Fish will have at least two layers of overlapping cardboard layers, maybe three if there is enough cardboard, for the hull, a fish snout, a fish tail, gills and of course, the one silvery fish scale.
For the koi crazy, there are shows and clubs, sporting names like Koi Buddies and the Zen Nippon Airinkai (the All Japan Fish Scale Appreciation Society).
Fish scale reading and monitoring will be explained.
LILAC FISH SCALE HANDBAG Vicki loves this bag because lilac is one of her favourite colours.
It was back in 1974 that she made the remark, which still ranks high on the Michael Fish scale of poor predictions.
Tree ring width, for example, really does vary with fish scale size, he says.
In addition to fishing forecasts, catch photos, fishing reports, information on conservation, towing, and fishing licenses, the app also contains a fish scale.