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17) It is rectangular in shape and usually 2-toned in color on H&E, with a pink center and yellow edges; it also has fish scales.
Along with the fish scale serrations, the G10 grips provide you with positive control of the gun in any weather condition; hot, cold, rain, snow, sweat or blood, you'll be able to hang on.
From shimmering fish scale prints to aquamarine colours, this season belongs to the underwater world.
Studies on the detailed structure of fish scale are very important in the nomenclature, classification and identification of fish to major groups [30,45,35] and species levels [3,6,31], phylogeny [27,28], sexual dimorphism [22], age determination [10,44,19,21], past environment experienced by fish scale due to water pollution of the water body [12,13,16], and for growth studies [5,43,21,16,4,37,38,32,14].
2 : a thin layer or part suggesting a fish scale <the scales on a butterfly's wing>
2 mm in width, is coiled, has submucosal folds within the coils, and includes a well-preserved fish scale.
Victorian details such as lap siding, fish scale pediments, fretwork, and corbels read as authentic, but windows break tradition with their larger size.
I've never used a spring-loaded gauge because of bad experiences with a spring fish scale.
Ever wonder what it would be like to bead, do quill work, or make fish scale art or moccasins?
That's because when you charge loose cans in the cupola, they tend to lay across the surface in a fish scale effect, which impedes air flow and builds up back pressure.