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a series of ascending pools providing a passage for salmon to swim upstream past a dam

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Hatchery staff give tours of the facility, including the start tank room, spawn house, outdoor rearing tanks, fish ladder and hatchery stocking trucks.
Farther up-river in Massachusetts is the Turners Falls Fish Ladder operated by First Light Power Resources Services, LLC.
To the tune of He's Got The Whole World In His Hands we somehow started singing "you've got the worst fish ladder in the world".
I would also like to see a new electronic fish counter included in this pounds 5m project on the Tees so that Britishwaterways can do away with the cruel little trap at the top of the present fish ladder.
For nearly 30 years, a man-made ditch directed fish from the dam's fish ladder to the hatchery entrance.
ANGRY flood victims have hit out at the Environment Agency for spending pounds 324,000 on a fish ladder.
In Scotland, at Pitlochry, they have a fish ladder so that the fish can get up river.
Colonization of a water-shed by anadromous salmonids following the installation of a fish ladder in Margaret Creek, southeast Alaska, North American Journal of Fisheries Management 19: 1129-1136.
The second task was to inspect the north-side fish ladder gate seals.
The area had been blocked for the past 50 years to steelhead migration, but was reopened in December 2004 with the help of a massive concrete fish ladder that allows the fish to swim higher up the river west of Ojai.
As well, a fish ladder was constructed, similar in nature to an underwater flight of stairs, connecting the lake to the downstream creek.
KEY WORDS / Fish Ladder / Fishery Control / Management / Reservoir Fishery / Stocking /
The number of Pacific lamprey counted in the fish ladder has ranged from 20 in 1997 to 908 in 1994 and was at least partially related to the length of time that the ladder was open.
The National Park Service will install a fish ladder at the Peirce Mill teahouse dam, next to one of the last local 19th century flour mills.
Ours dam on the Richelieu River and did not rebuild an adjoining fish ladder.