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a small table knife with a spatula blade used for eating fish

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Before you pack anything that has come in contact with your catch, (clothes, cut boards, fish knives and coolers) spray it with Odor Blaster (citrus or non-scented).
Amidst the fish knives, the lug nuts and the rice pots, they be-jammin' at the Hotta Hardware Shop on Chuodori Avenue.
The young lovers have requested such gems as 12 Christofle silver fish knives (pounds 276), George Jensen champagne flutes (pounds 270), Richard Ginori coffee cups (pounds 336) and a silver tray (pounds 259).
You'll see finest crystal, canteens of family silver (including fish knives, asparagus tongs and things for getting foie gras out from between your teeth), great grandma's heirloom napkin rings, gazebos that first saw service in the days of the Raj and enough wild salmon to spark a fishing embargo, all unloaded from the boot of a vintage Bentley to the sound of the discreet popping of champagne corks.
Then again, we could have dug our way out with soup spoons and fish knives.
Teaspoons frolic with fish knives and curvaceous dessert spoons swirl in the suds, daringly close to the eager prongs of the forks.
Give him half a chance, they wail, and, egged on by Big Buddha (John Prescott), he'll tax hostess trolleys, Jilly Cooper novels and fish knives.
Or in their own language, when they accept that the pay rise a minimum wage earner picks up in a year just about buys one a decent set of fish knives, then all workers truly belong to the same class.
I thought I'd better get out the fish knives, but they all just ate them out of the paper in my garden.
A lady-in-waiting recalled: "A well-known public figure, a peer of the realm, used to come to Clarence House quite often and on one occasion let out the opinion that it was really very middle-class to use fish knives.
Fish knives and lace doyleys were other pointless but "essential" items they introduced to the dinner table, all in a desperate bid to hide from themselves the truth that they were really just animals at trough.