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a small table knife with a spatula blade used for eating fish

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Dining etiquette is one the skills that they cover as the trainees could one day find themselves guarding royalty, the obscenely wealthy or A-list stars at the type of formal functions where you are expected to know the a fish knife from a butter knife.
Under the scheme, the purchaser of any type of bladed instrument - from a penknife to a sword, or from a fish knife to a machete - is asked by shopkeepers for details of their name, address and proof of identification.
Forks, spoons and a fish knife were just some of the tableware from the doomed liner bought by Geller at an auction.
He reckons that under his guidance, kids would be taught things such as where oil reserves are, and how to use a fish knife.
Having set the scene, I now quote from a press release from HTV which is running a documentary series on Caroline Street: ``Lovers of Caroline Street as it is today recall magic moments down chip alley, including Nigel BowenBravery who owned one of its many chip shops for five years till he was stabbed with his own fish knife by a custome r.
Also new for the show is a Double Edged Fish Knife and Scaler.
Slicing his lunch with a fish knife, he answers himself:
Use the fish knife instead if you hear any activity at all on the fire escape.
Why do you need a fish knife if you don't work on a trawler?
He stabbed her in the heart with a fish knife, outside the building they both lived in on Chapel Street, St Helens, on September 23 last year.
During his time with Barnsley, in November 2006, he was stabbed with a fish knife during an attack in the VIP area of the Sugar Lounge bar on Manchester's Deansgate Locks.
In fact, at last week's Burns Supper in Toronto, I hear he berated one of the organisers for using a fish knife to cut open the haggis.
Rimmer used a fish knife attached to his key ring, which has never been recovered.
They need to know things like what a fish knife is because we hope they will be moving in circles like that.