fish filet

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a longitudinal slice or boned side of a fish

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All six varieties feature lean proteins like whole white meat chicken breasts and North Pacific wild caught fish filets, nutritious whole grains, and farm-selected vegetables with a flavor-packed sauce you add yourself.
SAN DIEGO -- While the economy might be sinking faster than a lead buoy, Jack in the Box[R] is throwing consumers' wallets a line with a great new deal - 2 for $3 fish filet sandwiches.
Unlike offerings at many quick-serve and fast-casual food restaurants, Tropical Smoothie Cafe's fish and chicken tacos feature your choice of tender, flaky grilled tilapia or grilled chicken, not your typical fried, greasy fish filet or fried chicken options.
The Whatacatch taco includes breaded, sliced white fish filet wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla, accompanied with crisp lettuce and topped off with a choice of Whataburger's original or spicy tartar sauce.
And the saucing, though spicier, was surprisingly akin to the black bean sauce used with the fish filet.
Jack in the Box guests can choose from the Fish Filet Sandwich, which features two fish filets topped with lettuce and tartar sauce on a jumbo bun, or Fish 'n' Chips, which includes three fish filets and Natural Cut Fries served with a side of tartar sauce and malt vinegar.
His specially designed menu includes a wide variety of meals including egg-white omelets, fresh salads, chicken fajitas and fish filet in a bed of spring greens.
Undaunted by the popular East meets West "fusion" food trend, Ueno is one of only a few Houston Japanese restaurateurs offering traditional nigiri-sushi (hand-formed sushi rice with a precision-sliced raw fish filet atop) and hot Japanese cuisine reminiscent of his native Japan.
As one of McDonald's original sandwiches, the Filet-O-Fish sandwich features a scrumptious fish filet surrounded by crunchy, seasoned breadcrumbs and topped with a tangy tartar-sauce, American cheese and toasted bun.
A better-conceived dish is the crispy pan-fried fish filet in reddish-toned Hunan sauce ($11).
Friday: Hamburger patty or fish filet, tomato and lettuce, parsleyed carrots, potato salad, juice, ice cream.
What the Miracles were for Smokey Robinson, the french fry is for the hamburger, hot dog, fish filet, and T-bone steak.
Thursday: Creole chicken or baked fish filet, rice pilaf, beets, garden salad, orange.
Much like its predecessor, the new Filet-O-Fish sandwich features a fish filet surrounded by crunchy, seasoned breadcrumbs and topped with tangy tartar sauce and American cheese.
Friday: Baked fish filet, baked potato, parsleyed carrots, garden salad, Jell-O with pineapple.